Zoom F8 Output Issue

Quite new to Cubase and am trying to set it up to record from a Zoom F8. I got the inputs set up, but then got an error that ASIO Driver is not running. After awhile of messing around with the output got it to record. Problem is the way I got that to work was by removing the output. I can record but not hear the recording. I have a feeling at least one issue is my audio output device is an external USB box, which pops up in the main device setup menu in the same place as the Zoom ASIO driver. In the Device Setup menu there are no listed outputs for the F8.

Is there some kind of work around I’m missing to get it to record and also allow for playback?

I would suggest contacting Zoom to verify you have their latest driver and that the device is working properly. Then, when you can select the Zoom driver without an error in Cubase, you should be able to hear input and output from the Zoom directly.

One other alternate idea: While we don’t officially support generic ASIO drivers, the free driver from www.asio4all.com does often work, so you could try that, but you will likely be much better off getting the Zoom driver working with their help. I hope this information is helpful.

Thanks for the help. It seemed I needed to reset the program a few times to get the Output and Inputs to work correctly.