Zoom G11 Help please

Noob here needing some help please. I am just about competent with Cubase able to make a multi track song but now I want to add my guitar.

After two days I cannot get a sound into Cubase from my guitar via my Zoom G11 and USB interface. I have installed the Zoom ASIO driver but for the life of me playing with Studio Audio connections and Audio Setup in every configuration under the sun, nothing.
I have checked the G11 setting iaw the Op guide too. Im using Windows 11 , the USB lead is good as it connects to the Guitar Lab software with the G11 so now I am reaching out. I muight be a noob with Cubase but I am Gold standard at Google and I just cant find any info out there. Zoom state “The USB audio interface supports the simultaneous recording of the G11 stereo output and the dry signal before effects in a DAW, as well as the re-amplification of recorded performances”, so I am assuming no Midi interface is required.

So here I am at the experts door, cap in hand. Can anyone guide me through it?
Many thanks in advance.

So you cant’t see a Zoom named driver as an option here?


Source: https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/360000806624-VST-Audio-Connections-Setting-up-an-audio-interface-in-Cubase-Nuendo#audio-connections-1

I’m not sure how the Zoom works but is another program in Windows connected to the Zoom at the same time that you are trying to open it in Cubase?

Hello Wild,
thank you so much for taking the time to help.
Yes I can see the Zoom driver I am sure its a routing thing that I need to sort out.
I have included uploaded screens to show that the driver is selected. I am confused what all the other settings should be set at. I have tried many combinations.

Thanks also for the link I will work through all that in a minute.

Im not exactly sure how to post the pictures I will try the upload button.

Thanks again,

Ah as a new user I can only add one file per post.

More pics

OK here we go with setting that make it all work. Now I have a new issue with playback where I get about ten seconds of sound and then the audio drops out. The gift that just keeps giving. Hopefully these screens will help someone else. Meanwhile I will put my Google head back on and go hunting ‘audio dropout problems’. :smiling_face_with_tear:


Thanks for your help so far :ok_hand: