Zoom G7.1ut & UR-22


I’m a newbie who’s trying create a small home studio. For this purpose, I have Zoom G7.1ut as guitar amp simulation and Steinberg UR-22 as the interface. My current chain is Zoom - UR-22 - Computer. However, there are multiple outputs of Zoom and two inputs for UR-22 so I’m not sure if I’m connecting everything correctly.

Zoom manual: http://www.samsontech.com/site_media/legacy_docs/G71ut.pdf

On pages 8-9 of the manual, you can see the output ports of Zoom and currently I’m using Output L/Mono with -10 dBm switch. Then I connect this cable to the second input port of UR-22. Is that the correct setup ?

UR-22 manual: http://download.steinberg.net/downloads_hardware/UR22/UR22_documentation/UR22_OperationManual_en.pdf

Last question; what does Hi-Z switch do exactly ? Do I need to turn it on when Zoom is connected into UR-22 ?

Thanks in advance

I would say that you have the setup correct. You should easily be able to adjust the preamp gain with that setup for the mono line out of the Zoom to appropriate recording levels.

Regarding the Hi-Z, it is an impedance adjustment. Instruments like the bass and electric guitar use a high impedance and need to be compensated for into recording interfaces. Mics run at a lower impedance (1.2-5 kΩ) than guitars (1 MΩ). That is where the Hi-Z comes into play; if you are plugging your guitar directly into the UR22 then you would want to engage the Hi-Z button. Where you are using your Zoom in between, then you would not engage the Hi-Z button. If you look at the technical specs of your Zoom G7.1ut on page 69, it shows that the output is 1 kΩ or less. In contrast, the line impedance on the UR22 (page 17) is 20 kΩ. To further explain, if you look at the input impedance of the UR 22 (on the same page, page 17) of when the Hi-Z is engaged it is rated at 1 MΩ. So to surmise, if your setup is guitar>cable>UR22 then engage the Hi-Z; if your setup is guitar>cable>Zoom G7.1.ut>cable>UR22 then don’t use the Hi-Z.

I hope this helps your understanding.