Zoom H4n as an audio interface

my wish is to record audio with my Zoom H4n. I’m connecting it to my PC with USB, the computer recognizes it automatically as a new audio interface, but my cubase 9 does not! it should appear on “VST audio system”, but it doesn’t. it’s working properly on ableton and even audacity (!). what am i missing?
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Please use ASIO4ALL universal ASIO driver instead Zoom.

It works, thank you!

Anybody have updated info on how to do this on Mac OS side? It seems to connect only as an output device (not real useful to have everything play through the speaker on the H4n!). Attempts to activate H4 in the ‘audio connections’ input show either a pull down for H4 that won’t select, or no other options. Multiple device and mac resets have not helped. Currently I have “Elements organizer 9” as the only available option. (can’t even get audio out to go to internal audio). Mac audio settings appear to have no impact on what Cubase sees or uses.

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Make sure Cubase has enabled Mic in the System Preferences, please:
Open macOS System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Microphone. Enable Cubase here.

Then in the Audio Connections > Inputs and Outputs, hold down Shift modifier and select the first (left) Input/Output. The 2nd (right) Input/Output will be selected automatically with the 1st one (maybe not visually, maybe it will look like an empty slot, but it should work).

Thanks for the suggestions. Feeling a bit stupid here, but I’m not seeing or able to do anything that you mention. I’m must be missing something.
First: under Privacy tab of Security and privacy, I don’t see any microphone. My choices are Location Services, Contacts, Calandars, Reminders, Photos, Accessibility, Analytics. None of which have paths to anything resembling audio, hardware, etc. I suspect this is an OSX version difference? I’m running 10.13.6 high siera (the most recent version for my hardware). Within control panel sound I can see and select the H4 as an input, also as an output, but it seems to not effect Cubase at all.

Within Audio Connections, I can use shift to select multiple channels (left/right), but that doesn’t get me any closer to selecting anything in ‘audio device’ column, where I always have a choice of two now (things are more predictable after blowing out prefs files and a few other updates); “not connected”, and either “H4” or “built in audio”. I’m able to get H4 to show through studio setup>VST audio. Neither H4 or Built in ASIO driver selection will allow me to have H4n as input, and anything but H4 as output. And with H4 selected as Input, output is silent on all physical devices regardless of any settings I can find.

So far, the best setup has been an analog 1/8" jack connecting the headphone port on the H4n to mic input on Mac and using all built in audio; which means watching for clipping and levels in multiple places among other things.


OK, ignore my post with the Microphone enabled, if you are on macOS 10.13. This settings started with macOS 10.14.

AS an ASIO driver, you should choose H4 in the VST Audio System. Then you should be able to select H4n’s inputs.

Could you attach Inputs and Outputs screenshots, please?

Hopefully screenshots below. (using both internal audio and H4) When I use H4 as VST audio, I loose built in audio (or any other options) and audio is not directed out to H4n no matter audio connections setting. (may be H4n unidirectional limitation?) Which means I don’t have any audio out.

Two additional screen shots per last message


The last 2 screenshots look promising. What happens if you select H4 as an Output?

I have no audio out anywhere if I select H4 as output. (would have thought it would go to H4… but I’m not hearing it) And as you see, if I use H4 as driver, I don’t seem to have any other output choice. It appears that Cu bypasses any system settings - is that true or is there any hope in trying something at the OS level (I’ve had no luck doing so)?

Good day,
I have same difficulty as below
I have no audio sound out anywhere if I select H4 as driver and output.
Updated driver properly installed
All settings seems properly set. In and Out
Thank to revert with advice

In add,
No difficulty when using asio4all driver or my old audiobox interface.
Difficulty seems appear only with H4n pro driver


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You are on Windows, right?

Can you use ASIO4ALL with your H4n then, please?