Zoom H5 Distortion problems

Hi there,
I’m having some trouble recording drums with a Zoom H5, using the included X-Y mic capsule. When I record into Cubase LE AI Elements 8 using the device in “audio interface” mode, the cymbals seem to distort (that’s the best way I can describe it) but all the other frequencies seem fine. The gain levels on the device are not clipping, trust me I’ve checked about 1,000,000 times :confused:
When I record the drums direct to the device’s SD card and import the audio files into Cubase later, however, everything sounds just peachy. This leads me to believe there is a problem with my computer and Cubase setup.

I’m running Cubase LE AI Elements 8, which is the software included with the Zoom H5. My computer is a Surface Pro 3 i5 256gb. All my software is up to date, and I have the Zoom H Series multi track driver installed.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Hello, I have same problem. Hi-Hat Crashes and snare drum snares are in distortion, I hear a butterfly wing sound when I play open hi-hat. How can solve this problem?
Please help me!