zoom h6 as an audio interface?

Hi, I was wondering if someone had advice on using the zoom h6 as an interface with Cubase,
I’ve tried so far to just hook up one guitar, on track one of the h6 and then put it in “usb audio interface mode”
then loading up Cubase. from that point I can not get anything to start recording at all. I can see levels on the h6 and hear the guitar and it appears Cubase recognizes the zoom, I’ve also downloaded the newest driver for the program, but nothing is tracking on Cubase. farthest I’ve gotten is getting the output recognized on Cubase that the zoom is there.

Thank you for any help:) :confused:


Is the Zoom ASIO driver selected in the Devices > Device Setup > VST Audio System?

Do you have a Mono bus added in the Devices > VST Connections? Is the correct Input Audio Port selected here?

Do you have an Audio track with the mono input in your project?

Is the Record Enable switched On on that track? And also Monitor On (to be able to hear the recorded signal thru Cubase)?

but now yes! haha
Thank you so much!

Although it seems that I have to change drivers to listen to the play back thats quite alright.
I’m using ASIO4all so it plays back if there is another way I still cant find it; I didnt find a place to enable my monitors.
out side of that I was able to put a test guitar track down and not want to through my laptop in the river.
my outputs say stereo out, and lists the ASIO is everything all good with that setting?
either way your help was great, thank you. any other advice is much appreciated:)


I’ve got a Zoom H6 recorder plugged into an iMac using usb cable.
Cubase LE8 is running on the iMac

I’ve managed to configure everthing to use the H6 as an Audio interface Stereo mix mode and to record directly to an Audio track in Cubase LE

Now I would like to use the MULTI TRACK Mode…
I’ve tried to follow the config process as described by Martin in the previous post but I dont get any results .

what step could I possibly miss ???

best regards

hello again
i am still busy on trying the multi track recording mode…
I’ve updated the Zoom H6 firmware from 2.00 to last version 2.10 but I didn’t notice any improvements

keep on searching


Did you add multiple Busses to the VST Connections > Inputs?

hello thanks for writing
here s a screenshot of the vsl connections
Capture d’écran 2017-05-09 à 21.16.53.png
i hope the file is not too large …
best regards

OK, this is how it suppose to be. No, select unique input for every single track (in the Inspector > Input).


on next screenshot here’s the routing on the inputs /outputs on each track
Capture d’écran 2017-05-09 à 22.53.22.png
as said earlier I am able to record with the H6 in stereo mix mode, the multitrack is just not as easy !

This screenshot is from different project, than the 1st screenshot (you don’t have any Stereo In in thenVST Connections > Inputs; but you use it on the Audio 01).

But in general, this settings is correct. Now, what happens, when you enable Monitor on all Channels?

Can you see the meters on the Input (red) Channels? Fan you see the signal on the tracks?


Martin, sorry for these differents projects; i’ve been testing in so many ways that this could happened

When the Zoom H6 is set as usb audio interface/multi track mode I DONT have any signal in the input meters !
But I can see a signal coming in with the Zoom H6 in Stereo mix mode , and In both modes (multi track and stereo mix) in Garage Band !

i think I am not far or there might be a bug somewhere…
I am considering installing the Cubase Elements 9 upgrade to ensure that its not a bug of my current LE 8.0.10 but this is an extra cost and I have no guaranty at all that this will solve the problem.

best regards



I think it’s working !

I had to read more and i’ve found my answers !

here in the top of the forum https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=25&p=59153#p59153

then I followed the link suggested by jan Peters https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202000

and I created a new aggregate device that I’ve named ZOOMH6 in addition to the automatically detected H6
Capture d’écran 2017-05-10 à 11.15.09.png
then back in cubase in Device Setup, VST audio, I’ve choose my new Aggregate device instead of the one auto named H6 , and I’ve adjusted the VST connection mapping and it just Worked !!!

thanks Martin,
thanks Jan,

now I’m going to look if everything is working fine and i am going to follow my work

have a nice day
best regards

Actually, there is no reason for the Aggregate Device, if you are using H6 Device only. But it seems, the H6 driver doesn’t work as expected, so you have to “bridge” it somehow by using the Aggregate Device.

In any case, I’m glad it works.

TNX!!! i had the same problem… and now i’m happy!

i figured it out. Tried everything, recorded audio in another software, but Cubase was locked. So i bought another interface.
And same story. I was going insane until i found answer on this forum - just go to privacy settings and allow Cubase to access your mic. THATS ALL!!


You probably mean on macOS this:
Open macOS System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Microphone. Enable Cubase here.

Partially. This is issue i think occurs with certain osx series upwards.
you need to allow Cubase to approach your mic AND control your computer.

macOS 10.14 & macOS 10.15.

Not Cubase, but eLCC. But if this would be the case, Cubase wouldn’t start at all.