Zoom H6/WaveLab LE 10 - Help Needed

I recorded a podcast on the Zoom H6 using two mics (one for me and one for my friend). Zoom created two files, one for each track. How do I merge the two? I’m using WaveLab LE 10 and I just can’t figure this out even after reading the manual. I know I have to “render” the files but how do I do that when I can only select one file at a time. I’m a complete noob. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


(read about the “Montage"and " Render” in the manual)
Create a “Montage” at the most left pane, right click and create new Track
create a stereo track if you need that or a mono track
now go back to the left pane and create new Stereo or Mono track
why you need to do this is because WL LE can only work with
2 stereo track’s or 2 mono track’s in the Montage.
when you are happy and have inserted needed wav’s go to the
“Render” button in Master Section or in the Montage Tab
Render to finale file…

regards S-EH