Zoom in on cursor?

This is how zoom works in Cubase when the cursor is in view, zoom, zooms into the cursor.

It does not in SL, so it is very disorienting and clunky to not have these protocols works the same. usually I place the cursor where I want to zoom, but then SL zooms into some unrelated place that I’m not focused on. It seems SL just always zooms into the center of SL.

Also the playback cursor in SL for me is very erratic and jumpy and not at all dependable for critical listen/look analysis.

How do you zoom ? Mouse wheel and Zoom tool will zoom where the mouse cursor is positioned. Only the zoom keyboard shortcuts will zoom using the center of the screen - but yes that could be changed to center on the playhead in a future patch.

I’ve mapped my zoom keys to be same as cubase, G and H. Yes having the option in future patch would be good.

Also a key command to center on playback cursor if scrolling is deactivated.