Zoom in Timeline like in Studio One? (Ans: YES! it works)

Hi folks. It may seem like a trivial thing, but I like to drag the timeline ruler to zoom in and out — while it’s playing.

[ The gathering crowd moans in shock and disbelief ]

When I do it in Cubase, the playback is affected, namely by starting wherever I placed the mouse cursor to drag the timeline.

In Studio One — which I’m used to using — playback continues unaffected by this zoom function.

Is there a setting for this in preferences, or can someone who has direct experience with this feature tell me if it’s even possible in Cubase?



Once you click to the main Ruler, the Cursor jumps there. Use the [G] and [H] Key Commands instead, please.

But hold down Shift+Alt and you can



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Okay, which one of you is lying? :smiley:

But seriously, thank you both for your input. It looks like both Martin and I learned something new about timeline/cursor/playback behaviour today.

Steve, just testing now and it works like a charm. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Everything I say is a lie. :exploding_head:

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I can tell you’re lying about that.

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But also nothing I say is the truth.

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None of them is lying. If you just click in the ruler it affects the playback cursor position.
If you Shift+Alt click it doesn’t.

Obi Wan from a certain point of view

And on that note, thanks everyone for helping me out.

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But Shift + click works. :wink:

Indeed it does! But the cursor icon doesn’t change to the specific icon.

All very true, but I’m also experiencing less finger strain in not having to press the option key while pressing the shift key. This will be a difficult decision for the judges to make. Join us next week for Survivor: Key Command Edition.

[ Thanks guys. :slight_smile: ]