Zoom in to written automation possible?


I was wondering if this is a feature in Cubase? So you’ve activated ‘W’ (write-mode automation), moved a fader, and now you want to refine. Is there any way to zoom in on what you’ve just written?


If you right click on the track you automated, you can select Show Automation. You’ll then see a dropdown list with the various types, e.g. Volume, Mute, etc. Select the appropriate on and you’ll see your automation data.

You zoom in both vertically and horizontally the same way you do with your tracks in general, so you can see the fine detail of your automation and tweak accordingly.

Also, if you’ve selected an automation point, you’ll see the data in the info toolbar (if you have it visible). A nice feature that I use a lot is the left and right arrow keys, which moves you from one automation point to the next. Since you can edit the data in the info bar, I often find this an easier way to do precise edits rather than trying to drag it with the mouse.

Hope this helps -

Also, activate ‘Reveal parameter on write’ in the Automation Control Panel, to save a step or two.

Thanks, Steve! Didn’t know that one.

Thanks but what I was referring to was whether there is a quick shortcut to get there straight after you’ve made adjustments through write automation. Kind of like how you can zoom right in with a key command to a selected event.

Thank you for the info toolbar information - this is killer because now I’ve discovered I can select multiple points with Shift modifier eg select square to easily adjust values!!!

Happy to help. Steve’s reveal suggestion does it for you automatically, which is pretty cool. I’m glad you asked about this so I could learn something. :slight_smile:

Good one, I already had this engaged but it’s good to know where it is.