Zoom in


it would be very comfortable:
Mark slurs , zoom in. e.g. 800 % to adjust the slurs ,(four voices, a hard work ), then I must search the passage again, that costs time.
Would be nice , if the program would show me in zooming mode the selected passage at once !!
Excuse ma bad English and thanks for further improvements.
Do you already know when tabs are added.


Tabs are added already.


I already opened a thread that might answer this question. My problem was that, when going from Engrave mode (page view) to Write mode (galley view) the “screens” were not sync, nor with selections… This does not happen if both modes are in page view, it could be a good workaround until we get the update. Daniel told me this would be fixed in a forthcoming update. Hope I am not OT here :wink: