Zoom keys could be improved.

On OSX, when zooming, the Cmd- “-” works on the numeric keypad, but the Cmd- “+” does not. It’s pretty standard across many apps that the numeric keypad + and - work the same as the ones which happen to inhabit a space all-too close to the delete key. I personally prefer to use the ones on the keypad. Oops, I just noticed that it’s specifically “=” that is being used. Why? How does the = sign represent enlargement better than + ?

As an example, I just checked this in Chrome (and I think it works in Adobe apps, as well). Cmd- “+” works on the numeric keypad, as well as on the qwerty section.This makes sense to me as a user. I know it may not to an engineer, who is looking to be specific and wants to get into the gnarly details of how you’d have to program it to ignore the shift key necessary to designate + over =, but that’s not always representative of the easiest workflow for everyone. Having it work on both keysets is faster and just makes sense.

The standard zoom shortcuts in Dorico are Z and X, as in Cubase. You can play with the defaults to your heart’s content, including the use of the number keypad, if you so wish.