Zoom Livetrack L-12 drivers for Windows 7 64

Good morning. Can anyone tell me if and where I can find the Zoom Livetrack L-12 drivers for Windows 7 64 bit? Thanks.

The only drivers for the zoom livetracks are on the zoom website. You won’t find them on a Cubase website. You could have just googled it or gone to the zoom website as I just did. If the drivers don’t work with win7 then there aren’t any more unless you want to use asio4all.


Thank you. Naturally I searched on the Zoom website, but there are drivers starting from Windows 10, there are none for Windows 7. I asked here to see if anyone had any other indications on the matter. However, could it be that the drivers for Windows 10 also work on Windows 7 64? Anyone have experience with this?

Try it is the answer. Not many windows 7 users around anymore. Failing that try asio4all.