Zoom on playbar

Hello everyone, I recently changed my mouse, I was on Apple’s magic mouse and now on a Logitech MX Master 3. The problem is that now, when I zoom (CMD + wheel), the zoom no longer focuses on the playbar but on the location of my mouse pointer. Is it possible to set this, so that cubase’s zoom automatically searches for my playbar? thank you


Use the [G] and [H] commands to Zoom In/Out, please.

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Hi, it’s a slower solution, it’s worked perfectly on my magic mouse …


I’m not aware it would work different in the past. I think it was always zooming around the mouse cursor.

Which version do you compare with, please?

Is it at all possible that you previously were dragging from the timeline? Refresh page to restart the gif below.


Yes i know this way of doing, but with my older mouse if was quicker than that. I always have my left hand on my keyboard, and my thumb over the CMD command, so as soon as i press cmd + wheel, the zoom focus on my playbar, very quick and practice, this is this way i want to recover

Thanks for your help by the way

Could you explain what you mean with “zoom focus on my playbar”? Are you saying the mouse cursor actually moved to be over the timeline ruler when you held down cmd?

Yes exactly

That must have been a function of your previous mouse driver.

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okey, I will look for a second time, thanks