Zoom out in Score Editor. How?

Hi all.

New to Cubase. I have been reading the Operation_Manual.pdf and I am unable to get the results I want.
Inside score editor, not the page mode.
I started by testing out the ZOOM function. Click in the mag. glass and right click mouse. I Zoom in. How do you Zoom out?

On the right, there is an arrow, press on it and I was able to select %50 and Zoom out. The problem is, it only zoomed out from the 4 measures I zoomed into earlier. Still unable to see the rest of the score. I can only zoom in and out of the 4 measures.

Tried Alt + Zoom, G or H + Zoom do not work.

When in the score editor right click and select the Zoom tool.

Click with the left mouse button to zoom in.

To zoom out, rigth click and select the zoom tool, hold the “Alt” key down on your computer keyboard and click using the left mouse button.

Thanks that seemed to work. Need to play around a little more.
But sheeez, what a horrible design. :confused:

Over on the right of the Score Edit window (just above the scroll bar) there’s a white square with a down arrow in it.
Click on that and you’ll get some immediate sizing…