zoom preset how to fix locator ?


i use zoom preset a little bit because i don’t like the behavior.
once the zoom preset is recalled the locator is placed in the middle of the edit window. Almost 100% of the time i have to rool mouse up to place the view further to the left.

what do you think about that behavior don’t you think it’s a bit silly ? when you zoom to a place you do it for you to read from that point OR you want to know what’s a little bit behind but you rarelly need half of the left part of the edit window for that.

any project logical editor to fix that design ?

I want whatever I’m zoomed in on to be centered in the window so the behavior is how I like it. john

good to know thx. but as a timeline is always going to the right… makes more sense for my use to have the locator a bit to the left of the screen.
Curious what kind of work do you do with nuendo ? i do music for movies. Maybe the type of zoom needed is different from our work ?