Zoom R16 Midi to audio not working.

I am using the Zoom R16 SoundCard, its seems that i can not record inside CUBASE from Midi to audio. simply there is no signal.
Is there any know problem with the driver ?

Please help


Hi and welcome,

What hardware synth do you use for your MIDI data?

any software synth i simply do not get signal when i want to record a midi track into an audio track in order to get the fx of a MIDI track to audio.
i have no problems with recording external audio signals.
so the problem is with the ZOOM ASIO driver, it seems it does not sen signal to the card and back to Cubase.

Is there any way to go around it ? i tryied ASIO4ALL and did not work.



I agree, Zoom drivers are not reliable. ASIO4ALL mostly solves the issue.

Could you try to increase Buffer Size? Can you hear the instrument while playback?

Do you mean the ASIO4ALL app or in Cubase ?

yes i can hear playing instruments just not record them no signal passing by


Do I understand you right, the MIDI data doesn’t come to the Instrument track?

Nop, when i play Midi instrument i can hear well. but when i want to record midi to audio track, let say to save CPU .
nothing is being recorded.

according to ZOOM US it not possible with this driver.
but why can i get the ASIO4ALL to work ?



How exactly do you record MIDI to audio, please? Could you add a screenshots of the routing and the settings…? What Cubase edition exactly do you own (LE… Pro)?

I am using window 8 Pc and Cubase Pro 10.0.20 .
I have a midi file with some fx on it and i would like to record it to a Midi file that i can save CPU.
when i press record on trasport i get no recording the only way is render in place but only the dry funcion with no FX funcion.
when i do the render with fx included i get dry signal.

this shows that the siganl do not pass throu the R16 ZOOM card and back.

How can i make the Asio4 all work for me?

Kind Regards


I expect the MIDI tracks (are these really a MIDI tracks, or an Instrument Tracks) are routed to a Rack Instrument (VSTi). Otherwise you wouldn’t get any signal. Or are they routed to a hardware synth? If you are using hardware synth, you have to export in Real Time.

If you are using virtual instruments, then my guess is, the Buffer Size is not high enough.

Usually the ASIO4ALL works straight after the installation.

so you say to try to maker higher the buffer in Cubase ?
yes its soft synth VSTI

Three ways to achieve this:

  1. File/Export/Audio Mixdown
  2. Bounce
  3. Freeze Function

yes thanks for the tips the problem is that the channel comes in dry and i do not get the fx on the channel

So you are saying this?

  2. Record some MIDI to the INSTRUMENT TRACK
  3. Put some INSERT effect on the INSTRUMENT TRACK
  4. It doesn’t PRINT the effect when you BOUNCE,RIP or File Export AudioMixdown?

If that is the case then it is your Audio Driver on the Zoom

yes it seems like the Audio driver of the zoom. thats sucks.
can Asio4all fix this ? i have installed it but i get the same thing can not record and audio.

Sound like its an inherent thing with the FOSTEX, I don’t think ASIO4ALL will cure the issue.

Try this. Set your AUDIO DEVICE to WINDOWS whatever driver, basically internal audio driver, do the same thing and see what you get


I still do not understand exactly what you are doing or planning, but I did a short test, maybe that helps:
For this purpose I chose the “Generic low latency Asio driver” that is stock in Cubase/Windows I believe, and I never use offcourse.
Only to demonstrate that this driver works has no issues for this purpose and the Zoom R16driver (which I had also a couple of years ago and did a lot of recordings with) also does the same thing.
I loaded an instrument track with a B3 VSti in it. I play my M-Audio keyboard on this track, I inserted a MIDI ECHO plugin in the midi inserts( I think you mean those inserts?) and for the sake of it I also loaded a Reverbplugin in the instrumentrack audio-inserts.
I recorded a short piece on the instrumenttrack and played it back. Everything is still there, the Organ, the midi echo and the Reverbsound.
So I do not know what the exact problem is you’re having, but I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with the Zoom-driver.
A friend of mine still uses his Zoom R24 daily in C10.5 and W10, no issues.
Or you must mean something else of a problem.
Hope this helps a bit.

Hi thanks for your detail reply.
the thing is this, i have a project and get CPU overload so in order to free some plug i have decided to record my MIDI tracks with the fx on the insert channel to un audio track to free the CPU.
But when i press record in the transport panel it does not record i have tried all forms but still does not record any channel now when i render in place it only render the dry channel means it does not render any inserts fx.
the only conclusion is the Zoom driver does not send the signal to the card and back to Cubase.

any idea…?

Goo Day

Export Audio Mixdown through your master output with the desired tracks soloed.

You don’t need to “record” anything.