Zoom R16 Templates

Hi there,

I recently did a rebuild of my pc from Vista -> Win10, I had been using Cubase LE4 up to that point along with the Zoom R16 (the R16 came with LE7 but I could never install it until upgrading off Win Vista)

Anyway my problem is where do I get the Zoom R16 templates from? originally they were on a CD with an old Lexicon Alpa device I had but the disc is long gone, so I am kind of goosed at the minute.

Also I’m not sure if there were updated templates or anything like that between version 4 & 7. Any help is much appreciated :slight_smile:



Cubase 7 is not compatible with Windows Vista. This is the reason, why you wasn’t able to install it.

On Windows 10, I would strongly recommend you to install Cubase 7 rather than Cubase 4.

I’m sure, there wasn’t any Zoom template in the Cubase installation, which comes with Lexicon Audio Device. These templates, you are talking about are:
A) Universal or
B) Came with Cubase 7 installation.

I would recommend you start with the Cubase LE 7 installation. Then you will see, if there are the templates you need.

If not… Do you still have your old computer with Windows Viata? Can you copy the templates from that computer? Do you have any project, which comes Out of the template (you could clean the project, and reconstruct the template Out of it)?