Zoom R16

I cant get Cubase to recognise my Zoom R16. All drivers are up to date. The Zoom start up for usb connections runs as it should. I can select the Zoom Driver in devices… however when trying to set the input/output, it shows zoom in the drop down, though wont let me select it, instead just keeps reverting to ‘Not Connected’

I have the same exact problem would someone please help an newbee out

I’m having the same issue with the R8.

What Cubase version ?

Have you tried creating an empty project, then Add Audio tracks from the Project menu ?

I have an r16 and have never had your issues. Owned my for 3 years. Not sure which cubase version you are using, but once you select the driver tou should be able to go into the connections window and create the connections. This is the same window where you tab to create a stereo output bus. Not at my computer right now but if you still need help, ping me and I’ll check in the am for the name of the connections tab.

Actually, I’ve been reading of people having this issue with the Zoom R-8, R-16, R-24 for well over a year or so. Either they’re nube’s with ‘pilot-error’, or these units are crap. It’s a really cool concept though.

I’d assume their using the OEM/freebee Cubase that currently comes with the Zoom products unless otherwise stated…which I’d most most of of here has had no experience using these freebee’s. Either way, it should be pretty much the same as any other Cubase version…you have your ASIO selection, your Cubase VST inputs/outputs (connections), your track selections, etc, etc.

I had no problem using my Zoom H6, works fine with both Cubase 4 and Cubase LE7 using the Zoom ASIO driver for that unit, but looking through the manual for the R16, I don’t see an actual ASIO driver listed, just an Audio driver.

Not sure what the difference, if any, might be, but all my audio hardware interfaces ( Motu, Echo ) all come with specific ASIO drivers.

Maybe the post above yours by Bmt4299197 could clarify that.

Not having used any of the Zoom R-series units, I didn’t know about their drivers not being specifically ASIO…without this, how would all tracks stay in time with each other very well? … I guess ‘whatever’ driver they use must be decent enough.