Zoom r24 cannot get input into my daw it

I have a zoom r24 and I’ve never had a problem with it however recently after updating my Windows 10 computer I’ve been having this issue where I can’t get any input into my DAWs. I use , audacity, and mixcraft.
I was able to use it on both of those in the past but now I’m not. The right driver is installed, when I go to the sound settings I can see that it’s definitely set as my primary input and playback device and when I speak into the microphone I can see on the sound settings that their sound coming in, but when I go to my DAWs and I arm the track and monitor it there is no monitoring. My DAWs recognize that my zoom are 24 is hooked up but I get no input
I tried to hook it up to another Windows 10 computer and it did the same thing.

First I thought it could be a damaged zoom r24 so I sent it back to zoom and got it replaced but the new one they sent me did the same exact thing.

Also zoom North America customer service has been no help at all they have no idea what the issue is. And their words that this is a “unique issue they never heard of before”

Any help would be appreciated.

Can you post a screenshot of your VST Audio System dialog?

like this:

I don’t really use cubase all that much my main daw is acoustic mixcraft

Well you’re in the wrong forum then. :man_shrugging:

Just respond to my request above if you want some help.

But it does look like you have not selected the right driver.