Zoom R24 error FF9-5-0044 [80004005]

I don’t have much hair left, but I’m ready to rip it out!
I have a Zoom R24 that came packaged with cubase le5 and it won’t let me record. It keeps giving me:

Device: ZOOM R16_R24
Error code: FF9-5-0044 [80004005]

Device could not be found

I updated the firmware and asio drivers for my hardware and no good. There seems to be no help on the zoom website either.

My default sound device in windows is the zoom. (tried it both with my internal card and zoom as default plus even disabling my internal)It plays all the windows sounds fine and I can drag tracks in manually to cubase and it plays them fine with the vst effects too. I just can’t record!

My OS is XP media center

It seems other people have the same issue with this software and other USB recording interfaces, but I haven’t seen my device on any posts yet.

Can you record in Windows sound recorder using the Zoom? This sounds more like a driver conflict or hardware fault than anything else.

Hey I finally figured it out, it was under device setup then VST audio system. the parent directory of it though. not the default ASIO sub heading.

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OMG! Thanks so much. You also saved the hair on my head. This all happened when i disconnect my laptop from my docking station. When I reconnected, my ASIO drivers got all jacked. Thanks again. I never thought to look at the parent directory level.