Zoom R8 VST Connections

I recently downloaded a Cubase Le Ai Elements 8 Software for a Zoom R8 Recorder/Audio Interface i’ve had for some time. I have a Dell Laptop with Windows 10. I downloaded the current Zoom R8 (v.2.2.o) ASIO Driver as well. After assining the USB Audio/ Controller interface to the Cubase software i was then able to assign the 'Mackie Control" feature to which I am able to use the faders and stop and play buttons from the Zoom R8 Console. However when assining the VST connections in the Audio input/output busses i am unable to assign the Zoom R8 ASiO Driver from the two “Labels” listed. The two "labels are listed as "Not Connected and “Zoom R8 ASIO Driver”.
I Did contact a Steinberg Tech whom assisted me via their “Team Viewer” app. The Steinber Tech tried to reinstall the driver yet the driver would not downlaod. I now reinstalled the driver after closing all apps and windows and interface on my laptop yet i am still encountering the same problem.

Has anyone encountered this problem with Zoom products or any other audio/controller interface and is there a solution to fix the problem?
I would really appreciate any help i can get.

HI, I’m currently having the exact same problem and every time I try to do something about it the problem slightly changes. I’ve managed to get sound to come from the pc through the zoom r8 and for me to hear through headphones. but that has only happened once and I’m using a Lenovo IdeaPad y700 with windows 10. I’ve reinstalled everything, Cubase etc. to no avail. So i am eagerly awaiting a response from Steinberg on this.

I’ve had problems with the zoom r8 cable before too so check how that works too.