Zoom R8 with Cubase Le7

Im becoming increasingly annoyed with my Zoom R8 and cubase LE7.

for the first month of owner ship (just over a year ago) it was plug and play every time with my windows 8 laptop

Since then ive upgraded to a windows 10 laptop and for the first 5 months it was ok, had to change Class settings on the interface and change USB ports from time to time but it worked

NOW it won’t connect to Cubase LE 7 at all. Cubase won’t even recognise it and when it eventually does it won’t make a sound.

Ive tried different class settings, different HZ settings, reinstalling both and nothing is working

The interface works as with youtube and everything else just not music software

Ive been trying for months and nothing is working, please tell me EXACTLY what I have to do to get my Zoom r8 to work with Cubase LE7 first time every time

It is VERY temperamental


I’m sorry but Cubase LE 7 has been discontinued and is not officially supported for Windows 10, the last OS it was supported for was Windows 8:


My recommendation is to upgrade to Cubase Elements 9. You can do so here, be sure to choose the option, “Upgrade from Cubase LE, AI, Essential or Sequel”:


I would also recommend contacting Zoom to make sure you have their latest Windows 10 driver installed for the R8:


If you are still experiencing difficulty after the upgrade, please submit a support request through your MySteinberg account.