Zoom to Automation Lane key command or macro?

Would be really useful to have a key command or macro that zooms in at least half screen (or full screen) to an automation lane to be able to see and change the data more clearly, but I don’t think there’s a key command for it that I could find ?

So I tried to create a macro, but got completely confused and didn’t have much luck getting it to work.

Does anyone know a way to do this, or a macro list that I could follow that will achieve this?


Would Zoom to Selection function work for you? Just select the automation area you want to observe and trigger Edit > Zoom > Zoom to Selection (Alt + S) function.

That’s useful thanks though is there no key command to zoom back out so that the enlarged track goes back to it’s original size?

UPDATE: - it’s ok I set a key command for the undo zoom button - which works fine and gets the track back to it’s original size - thanks


Yes, this is the way.