Zoom to fit, Page Height, Whole Page?

Two questions:

  1. I really like “Page Height.” I mapped it to Alt-X and use it often to quickly see the whole page, especially when comparing layouts (and I love how it adjusts the zoom based on the size of the window). Could this command be extended to Galley View as a sort of “zoom to fit” for all vertical space? I can zoom out, but vertical space is at a premium, and I don’t need the extra blue stuff.

  2. What’s the difference between the commands Page Height and Whole Page? I can’t discern a difference. Just curious.

If your paper width is wider relative to the height than your screen’s aspect ratio, whole page would match the width rather than the height. I hope that makes sense. :laughing:

To illustrate, try making a custom paper size - say 8.5x24 in Landscape orientation. Now, try the different options.

re-2: page height only fits the vertical length of your page to the screen (so it may go off the left and right sides) whereas whole page will condense the score however necessary to make sure that the whole thing is visible regardless of the aspect ratio or dimensions.