Zoom to page width/whole page, stay on selection?

I am working on layout in engrave mode and have set the view to single page vertically.
Starting with zoom whole page, I scroll down to find things to work on. I spot something, lasso it, and zoom to page width just to see a bit closer. Dorico jumps to some other page. Zoom back to whole page, I am again at what I just selected.

Zoom to selection, hidden somewhere? Or is the only way here to zoom manually?

There’s no command to zoom to bring the extent of the selection into view, but in general zooming (e.g. with Z and X) will zoom into or out of the selection.

Thank you Daniel, that’s what I will do.
But is there a reason to why the whole page/page width zooms go to different pages? Maybe it can be avoided with some precaution? Just to be clear: In horizontal view modes it stays on the same page, as I would expect. It is only in the vertical view modes that the jumping around appears.

In general Dorico has an idea of which pages are visible when you zoom, and typically of course when you have a horizontal page arrangement chosen there are typically multiple pages in view, and Dorico can use this information to try to keep the same page(s) in view when switching zoom level. When you have a vertical page arrangement, there are usually fewer pages in view, and so if Dorico latches on to a page other than the one you expect and focuses on that one during zooming, it can obviously feel a bit disorientating.

As usual with these kinds of issues, if you can provide a project file and a set of reproducible steps together with before and after screenshots showing your entire desktop, I can try to look into what the program is actually doing at that point.

Sort of related:

Is there any way to make sure, when scrolling through layouts, that the whole page is displayed?

I want to be able to scroll through parts and view the whole page by default, to compare system spacing quickly. NB I am aware of the shortcut to view the whole page.

You can’t set a universal default view, no. I have my fingers on Alt-X constantly (my shortcut for Page Height).