Zoom to Segment/Clip?

Is there a zoom to selected-clip command?

I use zoom-to-selection all the time, but it only zooms to time-selections, not selected clips or segments of audio. In other daws I use, when I press “zoom to selection” the daw zooms to whatever the current selection may be at the moment, time-range or clip or entire EDL. Not so WL7.

Since we can customize commands, I could probably assign a zoom-to-clip command to the same key stroke and cover both bases if such a beast exists. If not, I’d like to request such a feature! Zoom to selected-clip or object is very useful and makes life easier. :wink:

See command to zoom clip:

I think the question was also meant for several clips selected at once, where some may be out of view before using the command. A “Zoom selected” function would then also cover vertical zoom. I’d be in favor of such a function.

Luck, Arjan

The shortcut “K” will zoom the time selection.

To zoom visually, the best is certainly: Control + click and drag (over several clips, tracks, etc…)

Thanks for the 3-finger shortcut - noted!

As Arjan said, the issue is when you have a clip selected. K (or in my world, where I’ve changed it to match another app G) zooms to a time selection, not a selected clip or segment of audio (when you touch the bottom half of a stereo pair it selects a clip.

From what I can tell there’s no way to zoom to that sort of selection, only time selections or tracks etc. Nothing in the response above seems to address this, but I may be being dense about PG’s first response (png with zoom and customize highlighted).

Assuming that’s the case, this is a sorely needed, fairly common feature in other apps, esp mastering ones. A chunk of audio selected actually IS a defined time-selection - the in/out point of the file represent a selected chunk of time. So expanding the existing command to note those extents and zoom to that duration would be a simple solution, building on what’s here/works already.


I note the idea.

thanks PG. I miss this from my previous app as well.