Zoom UAC-2 Sample Rate

Hi all - I’m a new user of Cubase (have used Cakewalk Sonar, Reaper, lots of others for years).

This isn’t really a Cubase question though, it’s just to talk though an issue I’m having with my Audio Interface.

Windows 10 (i7 CPU, 16GB RAM)
Zoom UAC-2 USB3 Interface

When I go to SOUND in the operating system, and select the UAC-2 as the line input (or the output for that matter), I’m only presented with sample rates of 44100, nothing else. I get 16 or 24 bit options.

When I select the onboard sound device (generic motherboard card), I get a full range of sample rates, up to 192x.

Am I missing something really obvious? I don’t think this is controlled by Cubase. All drivers are up to date.



Have you checked in the UAC-2 MixEfx software (or maybe in the UAC driver control panel if there is one)? Maybe it is set there to a fixed rate.

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Thanks - I believe it’s actually Cubase that dictates the sample rate to the soundcard - when I look at this in the DAW, I get the error that the driver is locked by another program.

I’ve killed off any processes that might be using the sound card…

Any ideas?


OK, resolved - managed at least to change the sample rate in Reaper, which seemed to unblock something on the UAC-2, and enable me to change the sample rate in Cubase.