Zoom UAC Audio Problem under Win 11 (and solution)

Hi, Just to let you know …
I recently updated to Windows 11 from Windows 10. Before the update my Cubase 11 worked like a charm with my audio interface Zoom UAC-2. After the update I didn’t get any sound (briefly but then it stopped). Windows didn’t recognized the interface anymore. Tried all kinds of things, tried to update Windows with the latest updates, tried to update my audio driver… Nothing worked out fine.
I almost did roll back to Windows 10 because I was desperate … untill I uninstalled the audio driver completely and installed it once again. And there it was !
So maybe other users are having the same problems under Windows 11, and this a good advice. My aim is to help other users in the same situation. Before rolling back just try this and maybe you don’t need to do all the installing again. (a restore requires you to reinstall programs … and you don’t want that, right ?).

Thank you for your advice.
I use the same interface as you.

Best regards

The main problem is installing win 11 over the top of win 10. It is far better to do a fresh windows install. If not there may be many things gs that need installing again.