Zooming in under "edit in place" setting

Hey guys…

it may be just me being a moron, but i can’t seem to find where I can zoom this area in… i provided a picture in case anything wasn’t clear. I’d simply like to zoom this area in and out. Obviously, when you open up the MIDI Edit Window, you can easily see the zoom bars to the right. However when you edit-in-place like i normally do, i can’t seem to find any zoom bar or anything indicating that I can zoom this area.

If you look at the area i singled out with the GREEN ARROWS, the midi HEIGHT is super small, and i need to do many edits, and i’m almost definitely looking at tedonitis if I try to do it all like this haha…


Page 396 The In Place Editor.
Oh hold on thats the C6 manual :laughing:

Oh well just have a look in whatever version you use manual :sunglasses:

It’s pg.356 in the Cubase 5 documentation :wink:.

Yep got it…

how in GODS name were we supposed to figure that one out. haha

If anyone is coming across the same thing, you just point to the left hand side of the piano display in the in-place-editor, until the arrow changes into a hand. then click and drag left and right to zoom.

And stop laughing at me for using 5.5.3. :laughing: pinchin pennies here

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By looking it up in the manual… :mrgreen:

I lost mine. :laughing:

Just kidding. Sadly… i DID look it up. Obviously wasn’t in the right part it seems. Good thing I don’t write tech manuals. hah!

I was just being obstreperous :laughing:

It is a rather obscure thing…

Thank you kind sir, (it’s page 768 in the Cubase 7.5 manual) I guess there is no key command for this function. I almost never use “Edit In-Place” but figured this would be better to use to keep things lined up in relationship to the chord track then it has been looking back and forth on the project page and the Key Editor since there is no way to show the current chord the notes are in relationship to the chord track (View Colors by Chord Track is the closest help I have found).

Google brought me here, new keyword is “Edit In-Place” and it’s in the “Working with the In-Place Editor” section on page 768 of the Cubase 8 manual.

Oops my bad it is page 513 in the Cubase 7.5 manual. I have an AppleScript that I run that searches forums and opens the manual. I forgot I updated it even though I was still using Cubase 7.5 primarily at the time of this post since Cubase 8 wouldn’t run in 64 bit mode for me.
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An old post I know but…LIFE SAVER :slight_smile: