1.3.22. Using 21% in idle (all plugins are removed, no preload)

my laptop started to be louder than usually, so just checked what is going on.
There is the first song (Pre Show), currently absolutely empty (will contain DMX data later to “pre-set” lights, but currently absolutely empty)

no Stack FX, no Mixer FX, no plugin, no P2P device, no preload (showing you the popup of preload note…).

Laptop with i7 is utilised relatively high for “idle”.
Any idea?

Creating new project, is not changing the idle:

Same laptop, Cubase

could you pls send us the project, just the .vlprj file pls?
Also one more question: if you load that full project, leave it at Song 1, then new project without doing anything else: still the same problem?


dear @musicullum

you mean this procedure, right?

(middle video)
Feel free to guide me what to do.

in my middle video, I did one procedure,
but recorded a new one, another project then NEW…

After windows restart, idle for empty/new project fallen back to 17-21%, but not below.
What am I missing?

Micha is on the case, didn’t know.

@musicullum, @Spork
No problem at all, I have enough horse power for now, meanwhile 20% for an i7 means that something is doing something under the good.

I will have a look to my Mac in a hour (same i7 CPU, so idle percentage will be relatíve compareable)
update: on OSX booth VSTLive and Cubase12 is taking 4-5% on idle with new-empty project. In my environment, issue “over-reserving cpu” only happens under windows11.
(Changing between Generic Low Latency ASIO and Audient ASIO tryed also and makes no difference). I hope that update can help.

Hi @Spork , @musicullum

It seems, there is something going in the background. Can I try anything to narrow it? All plugs removed, no preload, quite nothing is there (2pc of WAV and 1pc of video, the system is in idle/stop state):

What about an empty project? Then add whatever is in yours, same result? There must be something?

Unfortunately 19,5-23% with new-blank project after a clean app start, closing (wait task manager wipe out vstlive), open blank-project again. Same result with GenericL.L.ASIO and AudientASIO.

I wouldn’t be stressed about, but on friday VSTLive lagged in particles while CPU spikes for the last song (meanwhile were practicing with all day, no issue… so I will do further test also just needs spare time for).

If I can try anything else, please let me know, I will do my best!

… is it a fresh “New Project”? Or a saved/default one? Are any tracks already added? Midi, DMX, Audio?


Is it okay to send the blank-archive here?


It is strange. When I open it and remove everything, it shows about 11% in Task Manager. With “New Project” TM has problems to even show it, 0 - 1.5% max. Will examine it further, thanks for the project!

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If I remove all connections, it does not get better. But if I then save, exit, and load again, back to almost zero CPU (Task Manager). Further looking into it.

We’re on it.

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Hi @fkalmus,

thank you. The high idle CPU is fixed now. And the delay while shutting down VST Live is fixed, too. Next Update.


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this is amazing!!

BTW… I have no idea, really didn’t install such thing, hoping you have idea about:
are this “Virtual Audio” ports VSTLive’s own one (can’t see such ports under Cubase and can’t remember I’ve installed any virtual audio):

… ah, thank you. I had this topic the whole day (and the last days) on my mind. But it always got lost somehow. It needs an own topic, give me a bit.

See you,

PS : And it we need to fix the damaged name with “…Hangsz…”

O, just no worry about.

Just dont’t bother about at all;) (Yes, it contains “ó”, but it’s just WindowsOS expression for “Lautsprecher”)

… done. Read more here.


Unfortunatly we cannot recommend to use this version yet, a problem crawled in that causes crashes with MIDI playback. We will try to present a new version asap, sorry.