10.5.12 Crashes Every Time I Quit

Without fail, every time I quit Cubase 10.5.12 it crashes. I’m on OSX 10.14.6.

I’m not normally someone who complains about initial software releases because I know there will always be bugs. But this seems like the buggiest version of Cubase I’ve ever seen.

I might actually downgrade back to 10.5.0.


Could you attach the crash file, please?

Works ok here.

Sure, when I get home from work today I’ll attach a crash file.

Same here. I have to force quit to quit.


Same here, please share the *.crash file, please.

Mac: macOS Console utility > User Reports folder (or ~user/Library/Logs/Diagnostic Reports).

I have located the log but it wont let me attach it to a PM.


Upload it to Dropbox (or similar) and share the link here, please.

Here is the link to the crash dump.



I have reported this to Steinbeg CAN-27906.

The interesting on these 2 reports is, you guys are both using the very same Mac Pro (late 2013), 3.5GHz Core Intel xeon E5.

I have a similar problem on a 2018 Mac mini since updating to Cubase Pro 10.5.10 and following. Cubase crashes every time after closing down. After restart Hub does not show the projects I worked on before the crash.

Here’s the link to my crash dump: https://next.schberg.de/index.php/s/xHrXEdgKSy2N6WJ


It’s the very sam crash. Thank you, it’s good to know, it’s not that Mac Pro only. But you are also on macOS 10.14.6. At the other hand, I’m also on macOS 10.14.6 here and it doesn’t crash to me. So it’s not definitely the only one variable.

Thanks Martin,

This issue isn’t a show stopper but it is an unexpected irritant especially when (as agtonwerk noted) your projects
wont show in the Hub as recents due to the crash. I’ll be happier to see it fixed.


From my point of view it’s kind of show stopper because crash while quit means Cubase doesn’t store any custom settings (which is stored while Cubase quit). We will see.

I’m on Mac Pro 8-core 3 Ghz and it’s not happening to me so maybe specific to the 3.5 Ghz 6 core

Following…Happening on my machine as well. Sticking to 10.0.5 for now.

So I opened 10.5.12, created a “empty” session, didn’t save it. Closed the the session and quit Cubase. It immediately crashed. Here is the OSX crash report.
10.5.12 Crash Report.zip (29 KB)


The crash is the very same, as the other crashes here in the thread. You are also using Mac Pro, 3.5GHz Core Intel xeon E5 with macOS 10.14.6, what most of the users own her in this thread. It seems, this Mac Pro is somehow more sensitive.

Do you guys use ReWire?

Hi Marin,

I don’t use rewire (although I might have it activated). I also have a friend who is using a 2019 Mac Pro 12-core that has this same issue with both 10.5.11 and 10.5.12.

I don’t use rewire either but it is probably active on my computer. I own other DAW’s that use it.