1176 Vintage and Tube compressor

New stock compressors in Cubase 7 (at 6:54):


As I know 1176 from my UAD but what is like the new one Tube ?

Helge said in relation to 1176-alike: “The nice sounding and looking compressor you mention is an updated version of our Vintage Compressor! It is also available as channelstrip module in every channel”

here is link: http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=175&t=28248&p=182656#p182656

but what is updated??
If they just change the looks its technically an update.
Can’t wait to a/b with the UAD, cause that one eats up my UAD card a lot so I can’t use it too often.

Greetz Dylan.

You can A/B it with current Vintage Compressor. I bet it is the same algorithm, just looks more fancy. And it will be on every channel now, so it must be very efficient, and I wouldn’t expect it can compete with UAD, maybe only in how nice it looks… Let us know how Vintage Compressor sounds to you, if you campare it with 1176 on UAD.

Nice! I use the UAD 1176 a lot. I will definitly compare them both in some tests.

Anybody have a chance to compare the vintage and tube compressors to their UAD plugins?

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The Steinberg Vintage Compressor is nothing like an 1176 - I honestly think it’s GUI is very misleading.

I disagree. I used to use 2 Urei 1176’s in the studio that I worked in years back and let me tell you this is not a bad emulation of that sound and feeling. For one, no two were alike to begin with but they all had that certain pleasing pumping sound as opposed to the unpleasant pumping sound on a lot of copy cats out there. This one actually has a very pleasant sound if used correctly. Some people never give anything new a chance and love to be the acclaimed experts. Fact is there is a lot of subjectivity to the 1176 copys out there and you have to keep in mind this is not an actual Urie1176 but as for a plug in, it is not bad, not bad at all. Good move Steinberg.

And so is the marketing. No plug in will sound like the equivalent hardware. It can’t. It’s math, as opposed to a signal flowing through a physical curcuit. That’s not to say the SB vers of the 1176 isn’t good; it’s just not like the real thing.

Besides, what it really boils down to, is how it is used. But we all know that, right? Right. :neutral_face:

I quite like the vintage comp on the snare when it needs to be crunched up. Not a bad version of an 1176 simulation at all.

Say what?

In every branch of engineering math is the main tool - every circuit (analogue and digital) can be precisely described mathematically. Most EEs wont even build any hardware before extensive computer simulations of the curcuit have been done.

A problem with modelling HW is how to emulate functions from the continuous time (CT) domain in the discrete time (DT) domain - what works in the CT domain can’t always be transfered directly to the DT domain. But it’s still all math!


Oh, so you are telling me that UREI ran extensive computer simulations of the 1176 curcuit in 1967??? is that what you are telling me?

No, I was talking about how EEs work today. My point was to help you in your obvious misunderstanding of circuits and mathematics. That UREI didn’t use computer simulations doesn’t invalidate my point in any way.

That’s what I’m telling you.


i have designed and built analog systems without simulation. also designed analog systems (ICs) with simulation. also accurately modeled pre-80s analog systems in software.

designing is not the same as modeling. designing a system takes effort, care, and skill. modeling a system in simulation requires the same. both are based in mathematics and fundamental physical laws

oh and i like the sound of the compressors. very fun to crank the tube past its practical limit :smiling_imp:

Obvious misunderstanding of circuits and mathematics. Oookai. If you say so.

But my original point regarding 0s and 1s vs. a physical circuit still stands as the reason plugs will never sound the same as analogue hw.


Would either of you technical guys like to share your opinions on the New Steinberg Tune Compressor?

Modeling? We just use the dev kit and hope like hell the BSP works :smiley:

Any of this equipment can indeed be modelled mathematically (whether it was designed according to a mathematical model or more likely designed along certain principles is unimportant) however such analog equipment will always fall short (vary from) the central model, and it is precisely these shortcomings which give us our love or hate response towards such equipment.
I began my career in ET when vacuum tubes were still being taught, and with that kind of equipment the effect is even greater.

Well I don’t think the Tube Compressor is in the same league as the UAD 1176. I have been using the Updated 1176 set. I tried the Tube Compressor against the purple 1176 and I have to say it was ok, but the 1176 was more solid and toneful. There was less of a difference between the standard UAD 1176, but it was still quite noticeable.