12.0.2 Crash when setting Ambisonics as main mix

I’m getting tons of crashes here. Here’s one, just set the AMBIX bus to the main mix

Studio-01.zip (15.7 KB)

I have the CC121 installed, Ambidecoder, and a bunch of VST’s. Basically Nuendo 12 is DOA unfortunately.

See Crash Fest with Nuendo 12 on macOS

Thanks, I’m on Windows 11.

Check Steinberg’s response at the end of the thread.

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Side note - my Immerse Ambidecoder went haywire - no profile. Talked to the company who said the solution was to reinstall the software. Appears to be working now, I saw it in there between crashes.

Same. Windows 10, tried various soundcards, drivers, set-up configurations. Nuendo 12 and Cubase 12 both crash on creating an ambisonics output channel. Really hoping I don’t have to go back to Reaper before this project is due.