12.0.50 issue : sample editor reset when using "definition" tab in the inspector

In the sample editor, suppose you are editing some hitpoints or variaudio or other stuff.
If you click on the “definition” tab in the inspector (then do some edit or not with it), the next time you will open the sample editor for any audio event, >everything< will have been reset to default !
Layout, parameters like “audio feedback on” or for example in variaudio : smart controls set to “show all smart controls” back to “Default”, everything !
I noticed this issue since Pro 12 but I don’t remember exactly if it’s since 12.0.0 or after
Please have a look to this short video : Cubase Pro 12.0.50 : sample editor reset issue when using "definition" in the inspector - YouTube
(Of course safe start mode / deleting preferences have been tried etc.)

Help @Martin.Jirsak ! :slight_smile: