12 is here and

…working perfectly (so far) under Windows 10 21H2, despite the warning that it requires 22H2.

Will start testing and exploring now.

Here … where? :smiley:

in the download manager…

Where is WL 12 available???

At the moment, I am seeing WaveLab 12 in Steinberg Download Assistant but the purchase page in the UK is still offering WaveLab 11.2.

Same here … :money_mouth_face:

will take some time, that pages will come up…

will it be an instant update, to buy, i think so…

well also a page, and buy button:

Why! can Steinberg not allow a trial license for WaveLab 12 as a WaveLab 11.2 user I cannot run the software to even try new features without upgrading.
Just get No License Found in the Steinberg Activation Manager not very helpful.


That’s better at least WaveLab 12 is now in the Steinberg Uk store and priced reasonably.


Steinberg releases trial versions a few weeks after a new paid version update.

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So far there is no way to purchase an update for WL12. Yes you can buy the complete WL12 but nowhere do I see a way of upgrading from 11.2. Since most of the people on this forum will already be using WL and want to upgrade that does not make a lot of sense. I downloaded WL12 but cannot find a site to purchase the upgrade, thanks in advance…

take this page: the others are always later:

click buy button, and choose; update from 11.2

€99 here. no brainer for me.


and i see that all pages are updates, i think, so the buy button is everywhere!!

Installed ,activated …PERFECTLY .

One thing , is there away to deactivate the left internet bar on start up i can see you can hide it but can you fully deactivate it on startup ?


What do you mean with “fully deactivate it” ?

Activated here we Go!


i get a “no internet connection” error when trying to launch the Download Assistant… then realized there’s a new update to it… i downloaded and installed the update and as soon as the main window of the Download Assistant opens i get an “updating” progress… and then the application crashes.

anyone else getting this?

EDIT: i just kept trying, maybe 3 or 4 times later it finally didn’t crash and seems to be working now.

(2017 iMac running 12.6 Monterey)

Well , every time you click on a tab on the left it opens the internet dialog box , is it just the question of not using the left tabs ?