13.0.40 Update losing Controlroom settings

This should not happen I assume. Had a lot of settings in my Controlroom for 2 interfaces and Cues and Inserts. All gone after updating.

Did you save the settings as a preset?

Yes, i save all audio connections as presets, but those were gone.
I always backup all my steinberg folders luckily. There I found a controlroompreset.
But this should not be happening with a fix-update


Luckily? Nah. Just good common sense practice. I can’t tell you how many times a backup of various Cubase related folders before an update has saved my bacon. Especially the main Cubase Prefs folder.


Yep, same here :roll_eyes:

Do you think we’ll ever get an update where they fix stuff without screwing up other things that they shouldn’t have been anywhere near?

Update: I’ve just checked RAMPresets and the settings are there! They’re just not being read!

Mac or Win?

Here it is working fine (my presets for CR and audio connections still available). I’m using Mac OS Sonoma 14.5

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Windows 10. All presets for audio connections were still there, only the Controlroom settings were gone. Thankfully Inhave a backup of all setting-files, but it should not be happening.


Hi how can i backup(store) my controlroom settings🙈

On PC Cubase saves those settings in a file:
in AppData/Roaming/Steinberg/Cubase13/Presets there is a file “ControlroomPresets.pxml” COpy/save that file somewhere and put it back if necessary.

Thank you
Yes i am on PC W11


So far, I can’t reproduce this issue either on Windows or Mac.


And pay for the privilige…

RAMPresets.xml too iirc

Windows 10

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Hi Martin, thanks for replying. “Reproducing” this issue seems a bit odd to me. It’s just updating the Cubase-version with the downloadmanager. I worked on a project that morning in version 30 and then update to version 40 and opening that same project again and all CR-settings were gone. W10-22H2, nothing on my computer changed in between. Everything else in Cubase worked just fine also all ins and outs presets were present, only the CR not.

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Cubase completely resets my control room settings once in a while (including inputs/outputs). It can be twice a month, can be twice a week - very random, can’t reproduce.
Either it just hates “SoundID Reference” which I use in inserts or something in Cubase is broken.

Every day is a mystery - I never know if I’ll have to set up all my control settings again or not.
And of course, this update has reset everything as well.

It would be awesome if Cubase team would look into that.


Please backup that CR file that I mention here above. Then it is easy to replace it again when Cubase messes things up. Huge timesaver

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FWIW, I make extensive use of Control Room and have a fairly complex configuration for it.

No issue updating to .40, all settings were preserved, so this doesn’t seem to be a systemic issue, rather something specific to this users’ context.