2.0.12 Song track bug

Very weird things happening on song track:

Initially when adding the song and creating the parts all parts sit perfectly on the correct spot in the song track. After closing and reopening VST Live a situation like the one in the screenshot appears. Alls parts show the correct timestamp on the left side of the screen but some are on the wrong spot on the right side of the screen.

Steps to get to this error:

  • Press New Song [+]
  • Importing multiple audio files for the tracks
  • Create parts
  • Save Project
  • Close Live
  • Reopen live

Important: This is not a stable bug in the sense that is does not occur consistently! In the same session other songs show up perfectly:

Resetting the incorrect parts with this:

does solve the problem but it is reintroduced after shutting downs Live and restarting it.

@LoveMyKeys I can confirm this happens through all 2.X.X versions and mentioned the same in my other threat as well:

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