2 Monos to Stereo

I am turning some vinyl LP’s into files on Cubase (7.5) and Wavelab (Elements 8) in order to de-click them and put them onto CD.

From my turntable I will bring two separate left and right signals of the stereo into 2 mono inputs on an RME Fireface 800, then (presumably) into two tracks on Cubase. Having recorded them, I will open in Wavelab and restore them before burning the stereo file to CD.

Somewhere in there I need to make the two mono tracks into one stereo track. What is the best way to combine the two monos to stereo and at what point?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Since you edit them in wavelab anyway - on recording

Thanks for the reply. Actually, I would rather get the file into Cubase first as I may want to add another instrument.

In any event, perhaps you could explain further. I may well have an addled brain today, what is the best process to get two mono inputs (actually the left and right channels of a stereo signal) into an RME to be two channels (left and right) of a stereo track in Cubase or Wavelab?

VST Connections

Are there Turntable inputs on the Fireface?

Or do you have a separate RIAA EQ Pre?

Hugh H : The cables from the turnable are going straight into the RME Fireface. There is no “turntable” input as such on the Fireface. It will be straight into normal mic/line I/O, and I expect I will use the onboard pre-amps.

NWP : I will check VST Connections. I assume from your steer that it is fairly obvious how to combine the inputs - I think bring the two monos in under the Device Port list and make them up as a Stereo Bus. Anyway, I’ll take a look tomorrow.

Unless I’m missing something, you will need a Phono PreAmp - perhaps a home receiver with a turntable input and a “record out” or any of a number of other gear with the same for it to sound right.

“Records” have a special EQ applied - the RIAA spec - which made it easier to cut full bandwidth music into a vinyl groove. Generally a top emphasis. This EQ needs to be “decoded”.

Ther might also be issues with “loading” the cartridge properly (input impedance) . . but the EQ is the main issue.

Why not do the whole operation in Wavelab?
I’ve done hundreds of vinyl 2CDs using Wavelab (actually a combination of Wavelab and Steinberg Clean which is no longer available).
I’m not certain (because I used a light version of Wavelab) but there may in fact be a plugin RIAA EQ filter included in Wavelab.

I have it sorted now, and yes, I just needed to remember about VST connections! I’ll also experiment going straight to Wavelab.

Good advice about RIAA EQ. I am not familiar with that so will check it out.

Many thanks.

1.) Why are you recording the stereo output from your turntable as a two mono tracks is the first place. Record them as a stereo track directly.

2.) Unless your turntable has a dedicated line output (most don’t), you needa a RIAA interface. These are available for a couple of euros, the thousands of euros. I’ve used this one with decent results:

I just checked, although there is no dedicated RIAA plugin, the included (in both WaveLab and Cubase) Voxengo CurveEQ allows the loading of external EQ curve specifications. Whether an RIAA EQ Spec file is included I cannot say.

The turntable has two mono outputs (left/right) and I am indeed bringing them into one stereo track.

There are line outs on the turntable, but I do need to find a RIAA plugin.

I see to be able to get the levels right into Cubase, though I guess I still need to EQ issue resolved. Is there a good plugin, or is it simply best to get a Phono preamp with the EQ included?

You will quite certainly need a Phono preamp a RIAA plugin alone won’ t do.

OK, I’ll check out the phone preamps. Many thanks everyone.

Phono, not phone.

Sorry, yes, phono - my typo!

And I have just ordered one, so hopefully everything will be sorted!

If you have a home theatre preamp or home ‘stereo’ receiver that has phono inputs, you could also plug the turntable in to that, then run the audio output signal to your interface.

That’s an interesting idea, but I don’t have such units. I checked my Hi-Fi and although it does have some phono inputs for tape etc, the handbook specifically states that you cannot connect a turntable because it is not fitted with a phono preamp and thus an external one is required.

For an experiment today I did actually record an album to Cubase through the Fireface, and although the levels were fine the recording has distortion. Hopefully that is why I need the phono preamp!

Don’t get phono plugs mixed up with phono inputs. If you want to delve a bit deeper into the subject, I sugest you take a peek here: