2 versions of cubase, different PC's, 1 license?

Hi, I have Cubase 9 installed but due to no support of 32 bit plugs or bridge I want to install an earlier version of Cubase on my other PC and run old projects on that. Problem is I have only one license, dongle, is this possible?

And before anyone says install it on the same pc, I want to utilize the power of a second PC and run Cubase 8 and 9 at the same time with different sound cards channeling into one mixer desk. Obviously I don’t want to buy another license or dongle. Any help would be appreciated.

You can’t run two instances on separate computers with only one license on one USB eLicenser.

Does Cubase only check the license on launch?
I’m thinking I could use my usb key in the other pc for launch and then swap it back once it’s up and running, will that work? :slight_smile:

No. You need a second licence if you want to run two instances.

Simultaneously. But of course OP is free to run one instance at a time, on as many computers as he likes, no? I did exactly that to run Cubase 6.5 on my old XP before I got sick of reconnecting all the time and just moved all the files over …

Pretty sure it doesn’t. But you can easily figure it out for yourself. Start up Cubase and then remove the dongle. Does Cubase continue working?

You do understand that what you are trying to do is theft, right? Is that the kind of person you really want to be?

I don’t see that as theft when I’ve paid for the program and all I’m doing is running an older version on a different PC so I can use my classic 32 bit plugs. It’s in the same room, same house, same person. Thought the license was for the individual not exclusive to any one PC?

If you want to run two simultaneously, you need two dongles. One at a time, you are fine with just one dongle.

I believe your motherboard will melt if you take the dongle out while Cubase is actually running! :laughing:

Just read the eula if you want to know what the license is for. Anyway, the question has been fully answered by MrSoundman and Alexsis. It really is quite that simple.

this might be the easier option,i dont know why people dont tell you.

Well, there you go.

Thank you!! This is the perfect solution and a great workaround. I don’t know why no one mentioned this either, when I upgraded to pro 9 I was told there was no way whatsoever of getting 32-bit plug-ins to work so this is an awesome discovery :laughing:

so was i . :laughing:

Perhaps because that was not the question that was asked. :wink:

That workaround is probably fine as long as you’re prepared to risk the instability that can be caused by using 32-bit plugins in a 64-bit host; there is a good reason why Cubase 9 went 64-bit only. You would also forego support from Steinberg on Cubase 9. Other than that, happy days!

were you aware of the solution i gave to seanbrennan ?

that quote should be made a sticky

Also polgara’s work around does not meet a specific criteria from your OP.

:laughing: :laughing: