How can i get a Distortion Better than QuadraFuzz V1 ?

Hi there,

how can i get a better distortion than QuadraFuzz V1 ?

Asking bc, i have tried the stock plug ins and most modern distortion plugins, and haven t found anything

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Quadrafuzz v2? :wink:

Fabfilter Saturn?

Or perhaps Omhicide?

What are you trying to distort? Guitars? Vocals? Keyboards? The truth? Help us out here - we don’t have crystal balls.

-CamelPhat3, not sure if still available, they dont exist anymore

-IL Waveshaper, simple but effective, VST version is available in Juice Pack or something like that

-iZotope Trash

Which other non stock plugins have you tried out?
What was it you liked so much in QF1 which you didn’t find in the other plugins?

There are sooo many different types of distortions (go talk to a few guitar players :slight_smile: ) so it’s hard to help you out without a bit more info.

Many great ones. I use Fabfilter Saturn and Ohmicide (both are more flexible and interesting than Quadrafuzz, IMO, especially Ohmicide), and also Unfiltered Audio Dent is also a great one.

+1 for Izotope Trash 2 It is one of my go to plugins. Multiband distortion, multiple stages, filters, modulation, cab simulations, comp, limiter, delay, the list goes on. And most importantly, given all the features it’s easy to use.

I will give Steinberg some props, that QuadraFuzz 2 is really good too (and free).


For those who need it/them Steinberg should release their old32 bit plugs without the need to run in Cubase. Still needing a dongle of course but just so they work in jbridge!

Use two of them together…? :exclamation: :smiley: :bulb: :mrgreen:

I’m using QF1 since Cubase 4, untill now. in every project

people who propose alternative to QF1, please first listen QF1.

Saturn, Omhicide, Trash, Decapitator, even QF2 (which sounds totally different). they cant give same pressure and fuzz like QF1.

just use QF1 on everything, experiment it.

And u will hear, why many of us want it. Easy to use, not have on CPU, and not complicated GUI.

OP asked for a “better distortion” which is a matter of taste, hence the recommendations.

If you want QF1 why not just use QF1?

QF1 blocked in Cubase9

What about Jbridge?

I understand

i found you a salution i have a DX version of QF v1 ,you can load it onto cubase 9 via FREEWARE VBFFX-4 plug-in (VST or DX) Wrapper, its like a little rack which can hold up to 4 fx units , look here i have just tried this and it works. i still need a salution for ReverbA, Doubledelay and Rotary SX3 versions if anyone can help ,don`t forget to jbridge the VBFFX-4 plug-in first ,have fun in your new daw at last.

I found this on the cubase group on facebook.

CUBASE 9 DOESN’T SUPPORT 32bit VST’s anymore???
HAHA!!! YES IT DOES!!! :smiley: - just like 8.5, with a little trick!

As a big Cubase-fan I was very disappointed that they removed it’s compatibility for 32bit-Vst’s. After researching I got the following solution:

In the Cubase-program-folder you find the folder “components”.
The TRICK is just to copy (and replace) the following 2 files from Cubase 8.5-components-folder to the one in Cubase 9:


(please don’t forget to backup the C9 components folder first)

After that let Cubase 9 rescan your PlugIns - maybe it helps to delete the blacklist-files in the Roaming-folder first.

With this little trick I’m using my Cubase 9 just the way I used 8 all the time, all the 32bit-PlugIns are now present in Cubase 9!
I don’t know how it works with mac, I guess there should be a similar way to get it working there :slight_smile:

Have a nice day

Great you’ve hacked you CB9 setup with 8.5 modules to support 32 bit - I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that Steinberg are under no obligation to support your Frankenstein setup - nor should you expect them to.