30th Anniversary, anything for loyal customers?

Just wondered if us loyal long term full version cubase customers will be involved in the celebration?

since u can upgrade at a discount as part of the anniversary.

+1, I’d love to join the celebrators :slight_smile: I’m a fully paid up member for 15 or so years now and I’ve greatly enjoyed contributing to the 30 years success of Steinberg, I hope we’ll both be around for the 50th :wink:


Maybe we’ll get a shiny new Steinberg screen saver. :laughing:

Regards :sunglasses:

Isn’t Groove Agent 4 due soon? Why not a little discount for this upcoming product?


Is that all? Was my first reaction :frowning:

I saw the 30% upgrade deal and waited … waited and waited - I could not hold back any longer… feel like the kid left out of Christmas looking through the shop window

Santa where is mine???
Jokes aside - a few things to compensate for buying/activating Cubase 7 too early would be nice, a mixture to suit all, free upgrade to C8 with reported bugs fixed or communicate why they cant be fixed for now? just a cheeky thought, but i hope most would be happy

People here are really optimistic imho, just watching the last 3 years and is easy to see the future of steinberg customer politics. The sell beta versions without discounts, without sorrow when people have to wait 2 years for a stable version, no demo available for testing the app before buy, and you expect they will left you a free licence for beta testing when they can count un us stupid users buying the app and testing for free? This is what append since Cubase 6, since steinberg passed under yamaha control. Sorry if someone will feel offended, but this is the raw truth.

and now, for the 30th anniversary a big discount for new users, someone will expect respect for loyalty customers? I use cubase since atari ages, always with original licences and dongles, updates by updates, never received something for free.

The really loyal customers would be on the latest version anyway (well they probably bought it at least), so a discount on that is just for the not-so-loyal customers.

So, how about it SB, something for those who have dutifully and promptly forked over the loot for years, even if it wasn’t from BC (before Cubase)?

How about a range of options SB, as not all are interested in the same things?

I’ve been a loyal steinberg customer and advocate for almost the entire 30 years.

Anniversary Offer: 30% off on Cubase upgrades! (except those of you who have been loyally buying our flagship product )

What an insult.

Not really. I’m using an older version of cubase for an assortment of reasons.
But I work in a pretty large market and have been an advocate for Cubase when many of my peers were ignorant to it’s superiority.
And I’ve convinced many Protools and Logic Users to switch over the years.
I consider that loyalty.

The problem I have with this is that it’s a blatant corporate attempt to keep hobbyists in the fold while deliberately alienating professionals who they know will still pay full pop because Cubase has become their tool of choice. The hobbyists on the other hand are far more likely to move over to one of the emerging competitors like REAPER or STUDIO ONE. Hell, I haven’t upgraded my version of Ableton LIVE in a decade and I could upgrade right now for $150. And they routinely send me offers with even better prices.

It wouldn’t kill Steinberg to offer 30% across the board as a matter of courtesy.
When It’s time for my upgrade will I pay full pop? Probably.
But with the advancements that are being made by competitors that may not always be the case in the future.

Exactly, 30% off upgrades and for those who are already up to date perhaps 30% off select products.

Otherwise forget the 30 year celebration thing altogether.

I wonder about that, too…

…but an “all owners of full version Cubase 7.5 in June and / or July of 2014 will get the upgrade to 8.0 for free, as our special 30th anniversary gift”.

That would be something.

+1. It sure would. It would also show that Steinberg understands who has kept them in business, and payed their salaries, all these years. Tip! It’s not those guys who buy their first copy of Cubase/WaveLab/Nuendo today!

Happy Anniversary!!!

we are having a party,we are celebrating!

Errr, your name is not down - you are not coming in!

I’m loyal to Cubase in the way I am loyal to today’s Apple. There are few warm fuzzies from either company but what there is, are products I pay top dollar for because they are worth it. I could say I pay their wages, but that would be ignoring that I get my money’s worth or I will stop buying. Cubase is so complex there are still times when I leap up from my workstation and say “That is SO cool”.

However they really can’t expect a lot of warmth when their eggs fall out of that one high quality basket, nor do I suppose it bothers them much as there are also times when I shake my head and say Why would they be THAT stingy? ( Refusing to give MR users the same consideration as UR by freeing up plugs we already own in the more expensive hardware - without any extra effort at all)

Really though. Look what Steinberg has built. It’s worth every last penny, isn’t it? Has anyone exhausted it’s possibilities?

Happy Anniversary Steinberg. I don’t care if you are tight on the party hats as long as you keep making products worth paying full cost for. It’s a fair exchange made at the point of transaction.

I’m not offended by an “It’s just business” attitude, if business is all it actually is.

Aloha guys,

If it was just a Steiny decision I would say something might happen.

But the Yamaha folks??? Dunno.

Never say never.

BTW they already had the ‘party’ and did not even post any sound clips.

Yes, I found the offering quite offensive…we should have received some sort of recompense on a product or two! I asked of their FB page for a more reasonable discount on HALion 5, for the 30th without a reply, of course!

Having a Birthday Bash, inviting new members to party but not including us to take part (the one’s who’ve bought, troubleshot, etc.) throughout their products for years…is quite an insult!

Steinberg, we should have been included, first…!

“Offensive” is the right word zu use here, yes.

I feel offended by the 30 year anniversary offer, too.

Why the hell does Steinberg have to give you anything for X amount of years? Answer that and stay fashionable. This conversation is ridiculous and etc etc etc.

I’ve been on this planet for many many many years. God owes me a solid gold yacht and I want it now.

You’re so wrong, jimzepellin.

Steinberg gives an upgrade gift, but not something to the people who already got the full version of Cubase, which is like a slap to the face.

But there will always the odd fanboy who lets everybody walk over him.

For clarification:

If there was NO gift at all, there would not be any problem. But Steinberg preferring people who don’t have the full version over those who have is just insulting.