30th Anniversary, anything for loyal customers?

Yes - and companies don’t realize we are only annoyed (and have to actively take self defense measures, like spam blockers or AdBlock Plus!) against their carnival barkers.

Do you remember this guy who did the Cubase 7 marketing video? The one who was like “omg, the new mixer… SO USEFUL!!”?

I was really angry after I saw this video for the first time because I resent people talking like this in real life so much, I actually take care not to have this kind of talking anywhere near me. And then Steinberg throws it at me when I want to inform myself about a new version of their product.

Well, I’m not insulted. And the reality for me is, I could care less. In my opinion, there are far more important things to be vocal about then an offer by a software company which the software itself is a luxury to own.

Do you really think Steinberg is walking all over you?

I realize that my attitude on this topic may not be ideal for what you guys believe in, but you should really curb your assumptions of how they run their business and what you think they mean by how they conduct business. You really dont know.

Your feelings are completely valid when you speak of yourself. Speaking on behalf of steinberg the way you guys are doing it in this thread puts a fork in my eye, probably their’s too… I can only imagine what the Steinberg representatives that may be reading this thread think. I doubt, do to the regard you guys are expressing to them,will bring anything your way.

To me, the conduct here is immature. That is my opinion and I don’t think you guys are bad dudes. I actually enjoy reading your posts and listening to your work.

Yes. You are right. We should never bignote ourselves so much that we think we should be allowed to express what we think to SB.

After all, they have been so gracious in deeming us worthy to use their products that we should be forever grateful and absolutely subservient to their needs forever and for always.

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I never said that. Reread my last post.

You must be just as bored as us if you come here to tell us off about our idle speculation! :wink:

However, I would rather welcome SB setting us straight! :bulb:

The problem is that Steinberg has claimed that it’s a celebration! I suggest that, on your next birthday, you invite all new people to a party and deny all your old friends attendance. Then see how many friends, if any, you will have left.

Do you think the jabbing “idle speculation” in this thread is forthcoming to future benefits?

What would you like to see as your reward for being a loyal customer on their 30th anniversary?

Acknowledgement and recognition! You know, something like:

On this our 30th anniversary, we would like to extend a hearty thanks to all our customers who have chosen to stay with us, supported us by keeping up with the latest versions, weathered design changes, and the bugs, and helped us improve Cubase so that it is the most full-featured DAW on the market today. Again, thank you.

Right. That would be something.

But not a “hahaha, look… those who upgrade to the full version now get 30% and you get nothing! Hahahahaha!”

Well… a free kit for GA One or something would be great, too. :wink: Or that simple VST sampler Cubase lacks anyway since it’s inception…

It would have been cool if Steinberg’s 30 percent off would have been a coupon for anything in the Steinberg store. Let the user choose because we all have different wants. Heck, they could convert people from other daws and they could grow the Steinberg family. Would be one helluva birthday party! :mrgreen:

Yes, thats a nice idea. I would have used it for the Cubase 8 update, which we will see maybe even this year (lets hope so).

+1 Exactly! No biases, but something that everybody can use.

After having a tooth out the other day, i had to order a taxi home from the dentists. i phoned around a few and would have had to wait at least an hour and a half which is a long time for me owing to disability. After resigning myself to having to wait one of the companies phoned me back and asked ‘is that mr xxxx that lives in xxxxx and needs a low car because of access issues in vans’?.. i laughed and said ‘well remembered’… the taxi operator said ‘as it’s you we’ll get one to you straight away’… the driver got a decent tip and it’s not hard to guess which will be my regular taxi from now on…
I don’t think that’s too subtle an analogy :wink:

I have always thought Yamaha is mostly hands off of Steinberg as long as their profit margins don’t decline. I doubt Yamaha would care much to be honest. Remember the big picture…musical instruments, electronics, motorcycles and power sports equipment…that is Yamaha.

A free upgrade to 8.0 would be wonderful considering all the issues going through 7.0 and 7.5. Wasn’t there a .5 free upgrade in a few years ago?

Steinberg started charging for .5 updates with 6.5. Before that all .x updates were free.

I like to donate to charity but, only if they give me something in return as an incentive. That’s fair, right?
I like being “loyal” to certain brands but, only if they reward me for it and especially if they have the best product or the best value for me. That way, There is no sacrifice on my part. Certainly I deserve a reward, right?

The point is… Talking about “loyalty” to things bought and sold is silly. You either bought it because it was the best product for you (the best value), which is NOT loyalty but looking out for your own best interest OR you bought it out of some sense of obligation to a product brand, which makes you a sucker. Don’t be loyal to products. Buy the best fit or value for you. Save your loyalty for your king, country, spouse or family, etc.


Loyalty is different from investment and commitment, which is a gamble.

We have gambled upon Cubase being suitable in the long term for our needs. Two significant factors go into that:

a) It has to be a long-term commitment because we have to make a whole lot of downstream choices (involving money and time) about the other software and hardware we want to use with it, let alone that required just to learn to use it.

b) Because of the long-term commitment required, we have to be reasonably sure that a product will be flexible and capable enough for the types of things we will want to do with it in its lifetime, but also that the product’s development will likely continue along those lines for that time, as well as incorporating newer capabilities, whether due to their inspiration, or reaction to the marketplace.

Both of these make our relationship with SB require substantially more personal commitment on our side than theirs. Theirs is aggregate, ours is personal. I think this is something that is lost by those equating Cubase with most other products. Most other products don’t have that many critical cross dependencies. TV? No. Car? Several critical selection criteria, but it is easy to choose another make or model next time.

It is this that SB, like many companies, could go a long may to build into their customer-relationship thinking.

I don’t think that the tenured user base “deserves” any sort of reward.
But when a 30 Year Anniversary Celebration Sale is announced and then those of us who have actually been here for 30 years discover we have been purposefully excluded from the celebratory offerings I think it’s fair to express our disappointment and to point out that it is bad form.

Not to mention sophomoric customer relations.

Just sayin,

In the accounting world when referencing that intangible asset loyalty it’s called goodwill. Usually it’s quite easy to determine companies who have plenty vs. those with little. In the DAW world, looking over just a hand full of competitors, I could easily choose ones I believe have more goodwill than the others.

From my experience here and other forums, users seem to be quite passionate about their DAW.

Reflecting the substantial personal commitment one has to make to a DAW setup.