32 bit plugins in the Cubase9

I understand that people from Steinberg developed software that would connect and function in 32 bit plugins in Cubase9, it has the name of the bridge. I would ask those from Steinberg to explain and solve this problem for some users like me bought some devices with plugins in 32 bit. I do not believe me would agree to watch an equipment worth 4,000 euros and not work.
With all due respect to your will pray that the IT department to find a solution for all user.

Look into the third-party jBridge if you’re on Windows.

I have Windows 7 / 64bit with an Intel i7. 32 G.ram SSD 320 G and more. This software connects the 32bit plug-ins and Cubase9 and operates on Windows7 / 64?


to get your 32bit plugs working see here.this solution is not supported by steinberg but it does work.

Please don’t complain about stability here if you modify the software that way.

You were suggesting it someone so I chimed in with that caveat.

that`s thoughtful of you