320kbps AAC encode from 96k failing in WL12 Mac OS

Hi - A batch processor that works fine in WLPro 11 is throwing an error at the end of the render in WLPro 12. The error’s a bit cryptic: “Error reported by Master Section. An error has occurred. The operation was cancelled.”

It’s a simple batch processor, just processes with a peak limiter and renders as a 320kbps AAC. Is there a log somewhere where I can find out a little more about what’s happening?


Are you on Mac or Windows? Could this be related to some recent changes and lack of 320kbps AAC on Windows at the moment?

Thanks Justin. Mac - Ventura 13.6.1. Other batch processes that are essentially the same work fine in WL12. In any case, an error log might at least point me to what’s going on.


In the Console app

regards S-EH

Probably AAC issue. Try to open and confirm your AAC setting in the batch processor.

See also this thread:

Thanks, yes, know about that thread (I participated). I just created a simple new batch processor in WL12 that peak limits the file and encodes to AAC with the encode parameters set as shown in the attached screenshot. It fails with the same error - I see no diagnostic logs generated in Console that are pertinent (though I may not be looking in the right place).

Just figured out this seems to only be happening with 96k/24b WAV source files - 48k/44.1k files are converted fine.

Any idea why this is happening?

Can you try not to encode and render to .wav? The error could be caused by the plugins, not by the AAC encoder.

Nope, not plugins - renders fine to WAV. Here’s what’s happening: If the “Sample Rate” field in the Encoder dialog is set to “Match Input Stream” and you input a 96k file then the encode throws an error (and renders a file of zero bytes). If that field is set to 48k or 44.1k then it runs fine. In WL11 even if the field is set to “Match Input Stream” it still renders a 48k AAC from a 96k file. I believe 96k AACs are legal, but regardless, Wavelab shouldn’t throw an error - it might show a dialog saying it’s not capable of rendering at that sample rate and will render at 48k instead.

The workaround for now is to explicitly set the “Sample Rate” field to 48k in the encoder if you’re going to be using 96k files.

What am I missing?


The Apple Encoder is apparently not able to do both the Sample Rate conversion and the AAC encoding. When you explicitly specify the sample rate, WaveLab does the sample rate conversion, and then the AAC encoder is happy. Since WaveLab has probably a better sample rate conversion, this is a better choice at the end.

Thanks - understood. I mean, it honestly doesn’t matter to me that much that 96k AACs are not available, but it does seem like Wavelab should understand this and take care of it for you (as it has in the past) or at least throw a meaningful warning rather than just throwing an error.