40% discount is great but doesnt apply to Pro owners

I see there is 40% off for artist users etc but nothing for Pro users. As I am an infrequent user I wait for discounts. Are Pro users going to get a discount anytime soon?


Agree pricing doesn’t make any sense. I have Cubase 10 Pro and it would cost me $159 to upgrade to Cubase 11 Pro. Whereas, someone who has Cubase 10 Artist can now upgrade to Cubase 11 Pro for $150…so less than it would cost me. Also…whereas someone who buys 11 Pro straight up they would charge $587. If instead you simply buy Elements for $99, you can now upgrade that to pro for $297…so you end up getting Pro 11 for a total if $396 !!! They should really try to be a bit more even handed with these discounts, would sit better with loyal customer base.


If you can just be patient, all product lines have their sale periods.

This is the reason I have not purchased any further Steinberg VSTproducts. I had nearly all of the products in the absolute collection minus the piano. I requested a price to upgrade to the absolute collection and the upgrade price only took into account that I had Halion so upgrade was very high.
Had a special price been granted I would have upgraded and continue to upgrade absolute every year. I out my money to better use and purchased the N.I. Komplete Ultimate. So with that and Omnisphere 2.6 and the korg stuff I have an excellent array of instruments. I just wish I had the talent to match :slight_smile:

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But that’s different with VSL, there the store notices what I already own and automatically makes the right discount, if available.

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I’ve been using Cubase for many years, but felt the upgrade price from Pro V10 to Pro V11 was a little too much, so decided to wait…
Now you can upgrade from Cubase Artist (versions as old as 6) for less money than you can from Pro 10! Why is this???
How difficult would it be to extend the upgrade offer to all of us?

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Loyalty is for suckers. Buy the product that has the best features for your application at the best price. If they provide the best product at a competitive price, they won’t need to offer loyalty gimmicks to keep customers coming back.

Could you tell me where you’re seeing these discounts? I’m not finding them in the Steinberg shop.

Offering an upgrade sale is ‘disgusting’?! haha, unreal. :slight_smile:

I don’t know how far your ‘loyalty’ extends, but anyone who’s owned and maintained Cubase for more than 12 months should, by now, comprehend the licensing and product lines.

These offers are exclusively for people upgrading from one product to another. i.e. Artist to Pro.

The next set of offers will be for people updating from one version to another. i.e. v10 to v11.

If you can’t wait, then pay full price. It’s really straight forward. But hey, just post flaming the company offering sales - that’s morally the correct way to approach this right? Sucks man.

I’m’ not ‘flaming’ as you put it. Maybe the wrong choice of words, but not flaming when kept in context.

Offering an upgrade sale is fantastic, as it helps those who maybe can’t afford, or justify the price of the pro package, a way in on a smaller budget.

My point here they have introduced an upgrade price that is less expensive to get to the Pro 11 package than it is for the people already using Pro 10?

I have ALWAYS upgraded/updated (whatever you want to call it) when new releases come about, but I didn’t with Pro 10.5 and decided to wait for Pro 11… I personally think it’s expensive, but that’s all down to what you can, or cannot afford at any given time. Different for all of us.

I was not aware until posting in this thread that Steinberg do an annual upgrade offer, followed at some point by and update offer . All news to me!
I’m only here because they sent me an email with the offer. I went to the site to buy the upgrade and realised it didn’t apply to my current version.

It would be less confusing and far easier if they just put out their offers on all versions at the same time.


It would be better if ‘loyal’ customers didn’t accuse them of being ‘disgusting’ at the flip of a coin too. But maybe that’s too progressive for some?

How Steinberg choose to market and offer discounted products is down to their sales/financing team. There’s many very obvious reasons as to why you wouldn’t just slash the whole product range in the same period. Surely you’re smart enough to understand that?!

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Note: There is a distinct difference between upgrade (current sale) and update (usually in the June/July timeframe if I recall). Read somewhere that patience is a virtue. Vitriol is boring.


Original comment retracted.

Perhaps, as I said previously, my choice of words were a little too harsh and born out of frustration, but for some reason you’ve chosen to ignore this and continue pushing for a reaction?

As I said, I was very much unaware of their marketing strategies and their annual upgrade offer, followed by an update offer… Now I know.

I started out with floppy disks and an Atari, so yeah I’d consider myself a long term user. I have every intention of upgrading, but I stand by the fact that it IS disappointing to see an upgrade path to Pro11 from Artist, that is less expensive than coming from Pro10.

So , when I replied saying it would be less confusing a far easier on all users to put out their offers on all versions out at the same time, I didn’t mean slash all the prices by some extreme amount.
If they’d set the Artist upgrade to the same price as Pro10 I wouldn’t have even bothered posting.

You are absolutely right.
When one is made aware of marketing strategies, patience most definitely, is a virtue.
I have retracted my comment, which was one of misinformed outrage, not bitterness, or hatred… There is far too much of that littered all over the forums.

Cheers :blush:


For those not familiar about Cubase sales:

  1. There are 2 different selling lines, UPGRADES (like going from Artist to Pro), and UPDATES (like going from an older version like 9 or 10 to the newest version 11).

  2. There is normally a sale in the summer for both Upgrades and Updates respectively. Often for one of these one month, and the other the next month (July/August). Last year they had both at the same time (July). (You can’t be sure exactly how it will be.)

  3. Now, they currently seem to have an extra sale for UPGRADES (if you have an email invitation I read, it’s not on the homepage what I can see here). Excellent for those wanting to UPGRADE, obviously.

  4. Want a discount for an UPDATE? Well, then just wait for the regular UPDATE SALE that usually comes later in the summer. Or maybe there will soon also be an extra UPDATE sale too? Who knows. Just breathe, and it will happen, eventually :smiley:

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I posted to help you, and opposed the ‘disgusting’ remarks. There’s no underhand conspiracy towards you, i’m afraid.

I’m simply sick and tired of people posting negative comments online when companies do something positive for other users. Respect you taking back what you said, but even the same post you’re still saying it’s disappointing:-

At this point, what do you want companies to do? Base their marketing around you personally? Have no offers at all? Forego their long-term marketing strategy and budgets as to not upset ‘loyal’ customers who may become sensitive?

This offer in no way benefits me, yet I love to see other people have the chance to upgrade from Artist/Elements at a cheaper price. I see only positivity, perhaps I’m some kind of hippy… I dunno!? lol :wink:

Anyway, absolutely no hard feelings towards you, more towards what was said. Just fed up with negativity online if I’m honest.

Have you actually searched the upgrade from 10,5 Pro to 11 Pro on Steinberg’s site? I got it for around 100€… Seems OK, or?

True: Especially products that are subject to major releases in which o1/ there isn’t really anything worth upgrading for that your current version doesn’t do (because if there was you’d already have it, right?) + o2/ continue to carry forward issues such as the inconsistent GUI and badly designed dialogue boxes; which has been a “feature” of certain Steinberg products since… Let me see… Ah, yes… Pro 24 III: It might well have been a freebie sequencer but at least its GUI was consistent and coded to recognised standards. Oh, and you could use it for an 18+ hour session without it getting seriously upset (as Cubase 1o.5 did today after 4 hours ~ WTF?; save; close; restart; etc. ~ leaky software I presume).

All that said, when a DAW - essentially a digital multitrack - gets to its 11th major release, the utility provided with each release becomes so minimal, the designers must but clutching at straws trying to identify something of value, functionality wise, to incorporate into the product.

That’s not strictly true. In fact, it’s probably going to be a little insulting for some people; either that or your assertion is based on ignorance.

Customer loyalty through branding, marketing and sales promotions is what companies do. Why?: It provides more benefit for the company’s stakeholders (typically reflected in healthy ROIs and Net Profits); otherwise they wouldn’t do it.

Personally, none of these ploys do much for me, which might sound a little hypocritical as the only computer based DAW that I’ve only ever used in anger, or to any great extent, is Cubase! Why? Loyalty?: No: Branding?: Nope; Marketing?: Nah; Sales promotions?: Uh-uh. What then?

Well, it’s mainly because “Steinberg” is what I started with, so I know how it works, “features” (and all) and (although very much secondary), it is essentially free i.e., it is bundled with every new interface that I buy (to the extent that I have extra 1o.x licences). Of course, I get other DAWs bundled for free too, but why change?

IMHO, it’s a case of better the devil you know and, for me, that’s Cubase; and it’s is unlikely to change. After all, I am a loyal Customer.

I feel no loyalty to any brand, or software. I find it very easy to traverse across different OS’s an applications, and actively enjoy a ‘change up’ every couple of years or so to keep me fresh and new ideas flowing. So I consider myself lucky as to not be sensitive to change.

Right now, Cubase ticks the most important boxes for me. And if they keep ticking those boxes, I remain a customer. When it feels that you’re in sync with the developer it’s a really great place to be, and that’s very much how I feel as a Cubase user at this point.


… Yeah; as I began: “Interesting…”; and, no, I’m not being sarcastic. It represents several points of view that are very different to my own. That’s a good thing, right? Something to learn from; at least that’s the way I see it.

Be safe.