40% off Wavelab 9 Pro

Just got this in my Email

If you crave a bit of magic and shine for your mixes, then now is the time to get the latest generation of WaveLab at a special price!

Our powerful and versatile audio editing, mastering and processing application reinvents creative mastering with a revolutionary new user interface, full M/S support, the powerful MasterRig plug-in suite as well as direct exchange with Cubase and Nuendo.

So get a hold of the ultimate industry standard for mastering and audio editing before the offer ends and save 40% on the upgrade, updates and the WaveLab Pro 9 retail version*.

This offer is valid until March 20, 2017.

How about a “give back” for all of us who paid full price???



Great offer but please extend the offer for another week! It is not payday until next Thursday so I cannot do anything right now! If you would only do this you will have an extra sale!

Why? Have you not had use of the software? These offers tend to be nearing the end of the software’s product life before the next point version is due.

I am tempted by this offer, but online order does not include download option, but you can get a activation code. Does that mean i can download the trial and then use the code? I use cubase pro so I have the dongle.

Does it apply for educational license?
Give us student some further discount too. I would buy it today tho.

Hi hjwinge,

you can select the “Activation Code for the permanent activation of my trial version” from the WaveLab 9 shop directly and enter coupon code in the shopping basket. You will receive the discount then. Once you’ve activated the license you can download the full WaveLab Pro 9 installer from your MySteinberg account.

All the best,

Yes and I have been a LOYAL Wavelab user since version 1.6. I never added up all the money I have given Steinberg over the years for updates but I know it is a lot. I and many other loyal users do not get discounts or deals. It just seems unfair…

Wow! I’ve been with Steinberg from the early days,that’s one of the most generous offers i ’ ve seen from the company. I can’t decide if this is a good or bad sign for Wavelab. Let’s hope there’s a new marketing strategy from Steinberg.

Does it apply for educational license?
Give us student some further discount too. I would buy it today tho.

Luis Dongo,

I am w Thomas W. Bethel on this. How about some bread crumbs for the long-time VERY loyal WL users (and Cubase in my case).

I am on WL9Pro now, and have been since it came out. Is WL10 on the immediate horizon? Can I buy the “upgrade” and get WL10 at no additional cost? 40% off list is a pretty sweet deal. Or will existing users get a similar discount to upgrade? How about some sort of package deal for Cubase and Wavelab users? To me, they are part of the same kit.


The way I see it, the discounted upgrade pricing (from WaveLab 8.5 to WaveLab 9 for example) is thank you enough. When I saw the 40% discount, it didn’t even cross my mind to expect some money back from Steinberg. If I buy a TV durning the summer, I don’t write to Samsung on Black Friday expecting them to send me some money back just because they have the TVs on sale pricing. That’s life.

The 40% is definitely unusual for Steinberg to do but I’ve already seen a few social media friends make the WaveLab purchase that otherwise would not have. Mostly it’s people that only do a little bit of mastering or want a simple two-track editor. Anybody doing serious work knows that the price of WaveLab pays for itself in no time at all because of how specialized the software is.

I think if this special pricing expands the WaveLab user base and helps create a healthier and more diverse user base, all the better.

It’s also my opinion that WaveLab Elements is much too limited in features and Steinberg should increase the price to maybe $150 USD but bring in some features like DDP export and non-restrictive marker placements like WaveLab Pro has.

Does it apply for educational license?
Give us student some further discount too. I would buy it today tho.

Justin you must be rolling in money if you think it is OK for Steinberg to give a 40% discount to new users but then keep charging loyal users full price to upgrade. I have been with Wavelab since version 1.6 so I imagine I have given Steinberg a couple of thousands of dollars for upgrades and I never got a 40% off an upgrade. I guess different strokes for different folks OR you are a BETA tester for WL and get all the upgrades for free…


Does the present discount change the fact that you thought it was worth paying the price you did?

Also, if they put the price up, would you send them the difference from what you paid to ensure that they were treated fairly?

Expecting to change the terms under which you bought it retrospectively is just completely unrealistic.


Give us student some further discount too. We also deserve it

Yes. Not once has a company or store sent me a check because something I bought from them went down in price temporarily on sale. Plugin companies run sales all the time and I’ve never thought I was entitled to some money back from them.

Some companies will offer a grace period if you made a purchase within a certain number of days (usually 30) but for Steinberg to financially compensate every existing WaveLab user just because they want to run a promotional sale of one of their products is a ridiculous idea.

I agree 100% I work in sales and it is amazing how much people feel a sense of entitlement. In any contract there needs to be an offer (the price at the time), a consideration (from both parties) and a desire to create legal relations. Once you’ve paid, that’s pretty much it as far as the sale is concerned!

I still maintain that if Steinberg can “afford” top give new users a 40% discount then they can also give people who have supported WL for a long time a break once in a while. A lot of software companies will give you a discount the more software you buy from them. I love WL and what it can do but also wonder WHY Steinberg is giving a 40% discount (never remember them doing that before) to new users??? Is it that people are going elsewhere for their mastering software or do the bigwigs at Steinberg have a heart after all??? Anyway I think it would be nice the next time a major upgrade comes out that current users who are loyal to WL get a break on the price…MTCW


I think that is common marketing and sales practice in order to get new users aboard “the ship” and broaden the user base. I don’t know how you come to think, that Steinberg did never before offer a discount for full versions of their appplications. Just a few weeks ago, there has been a very interesting offer for Nuendo with a huge discount. Besides that there has been and are crossgrade offers for different products.

A broader user base is good for Steinberg and for the existing users as well.


I’m disappointed because like Tech-dance I also don’t get paid until Thursday 23rd (Australian) so I’m going to miss out… and I can’t afford full price so that’s two sales Steinberg will miss out on. I don’t expect it, but it would be helpful if Steinberg considered extending the discount period for a further few days to accommodate those whose pay date falls outside this discount period. Keeping that in mind, a 5 day sale isn’t going to rope in as many sales as a 10 day sale is it.