5 silly quirks about Cubase that have annoyed you for years

This isn’t a rant thread, not about new bugs, not about performance or crashes or how you feel Steinberg ignores your feature requests.

Mine are personally ranked in order:
1.) Dueling Fade Windows, Always Overlap upon Opening
2.) Snap Points Inconveniently Appearing, no easy multi-event differential reset
4.) Non-User Event Descriptions not Auto-Updating to Bounced Filename
3.) MediaBay not ordering numbers in names properly
5.) Missing Key Commands: Individual Infoline Fields, Individual Ruler Measurements (Bars + Beats, Seconds, Samples, etc), Add/Remove Track from Left/Right Mixer Zones, Lack of Toggles having separate on/off commands.

give your own in a post below

:yin_yang: Will be creating a new poll in a few days

Personally the fact I cannot resize the inspector :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought of that one after but it wouldn’t let me add to it!

I’ll let a few other people comment and think of others and make a new poll in a week or so… bump it up to 10 more or less I’m sure.

i hope i’m not hijacking, but these are mines >

0/ not an easy way to control metronome clic level in the main output
// partially solved with control room !

2/ easy way to create automation lane ( like : right click > create automation lane )
// partially working in 10.5 ( for steinberg plugs / some very few others )

3/ easier way of moving/ organising tracks in arrangement view in very large project ( without having to click and move/scroll 150+ tracks to place a newly created track in the right folder… )

4 / lanes copy zoom of the track ( when you have a vertically zommed track for editing, if you open lanes, you have to dezoom the track and the zoom all the lanes for easy and precise editing… )

5/ cannot merge Fx chain insert presets, so i rely a lot on IL Minihost or Blue Cat Patchworks

5b / on edit fx send, instead of opening the edit panel of the FX channel, it just open the first plugin… like in 2020 who only uses 1 plugin for FX ? i mean i always have at least an eq before my reverbs or delays

you figured out what I was talking about?

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No worries, I’m glad, I will make a new poll in a few days

Do you mean, the Click Level master - ie, you want a control on transport, and or, a key command fo Click Vol Up / Click Vol Down?

Have you looked at Control Room? or is it still not good enough?

I’m just seeing also, there is no connection in Generic Remote -> VST Control Room, in which Metronome level could be targeted with a MIDI controller. So that is a feature request in itself.

In the mean time, are you on PC? You could probable set up AutoHotkey to control Click level.

I will play around with some of your other suggestions later, but they’re good, thank you

Thanks a lot !!
i don’t use control room as we do cues with a digital mixer with remote in the recording room.

i’m still on C10.5 and my CR doesn’t look like this…
but anyway, this seems to be a solution - i’ll check later,
and i’ll edit my post in the meantime :wink:

Try clicking on the “Main” tab, and it should expand… Shocked the hell out of me the first time it happened.

The above screencap is 10.5, so you should be able to tweak it!

The very bottom pink highlight is the transport, you might have to enable this icons - and you have to drag the little vertical rectangle. Although there is no level there, it’s handy having the pattern selector.

Also note, the Control Room can be floated as a free separate Window if you don’t like it being in the Right Zone (either can be included in Workspace Presets as well).

I myself put off looking into Control Room and ignored it, but it’s actually very useful. Even just the inserts alone, that’s where all my master analysis and A/B plugs go. I also even drop EQs and test plugins in there sometimes to quickly test out an effect or listen to a certain frequency band. I have these analysis plugins binded to Workspace Presets that are hotkeyed as well, so they are always immediately available.

Dom has quick tut vid

LOL yes! same



Wow thanks so much guys !!
so helpfull !
the “click on the main tab” is quite tricky… there should be a visual hint there !!

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Welcome to the control room club, pretty sure you’ll never look back! :slight_smile:

With Q-Link activated,

This DOESN’T work:

  1. Select a mixer channel. Make sure faders are “in focus.”
  2. Shift-right arrow to select more channels.
  3. Use shortcut key ctrl-shift-up/down arrow to adjust primary parameter (volume).

This DOES work:

  1. Select a mixer channel. Make sure faders are “in focus.”
  2. Shift-right arrow to select more channels.
  3. Use the mouse to move one of the faders a bit.
  4. Use shortcut key ctrl-shift-up/down arrow to adjust primary parameter (volume).

This DOES work (alternative):

  1. Select a mixer channel. Make sure faders are “in focus.”
  2. Shift-click to select more channels.
  3. Use shortcut key ctrl-shift-up/down arrow to adjust primary parameter (volume).

My 5 quirks:

  1. Extend a midi event, it crosses the boundary. Do you want to enlarge the part? Or continue anyway?

  2. Mixer focus as @kelp said.

  3. Pre-post buttons. I still can’t tell them apart, I go by color. Also, mute pre-sends when mute. If it’s a philosophical debate that keeps this from being fixed, just pull it off the preferences and throw it in the mixconsole as an option along with meters etc, so that we are forced to check it per project.

  4. Quarters only M.M. Confusing.

  5. Folder editing “the tracks are not in sync”… Ugh!

Bonus: Little things like the extending “Main” tab of the control room, that if you don’t sumble upon them, you are left with a wrong impression of the program. If other people were making Cubase they would plaster those features left and right in all screens “YO WE GOT DIS FITTURE”, but Cubase seems to keep silent many times, shooting itself in the foot, undermining its own image. Or offering a very low-key, en passant explanation.

I’d pay 100€ for a .5 update that tackles these, and then on the survey I’d choose “Very happy with the price”. I feel I’d had got my money’s worth. Honest.

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what is this?

9 posts were split to a new topic: Cubase only understands quarters as the beat value

Ok yes. I get it. I rarely use that feature so I didn’t know the issue. I kept racking my brain thinking what overlaps upon start-up and thought this could be trivial.

For #2, can you give a scenario where you want to create an automation lane as opposed to just clicking the W and automating whatever, and then that lane automatically appears? Assuming you have that preference checked?

About my 2/ about automation >
Actually that was how i was working > shortcut to activate Write automation > knob wiggling > automation track appear > then mouse work to actually write automation the way i wanted.

But i’ve just discovered since 10.5 ( or 10 ? ) the right click as the option "show (parameter) xxxxxx automation track " !
…but it is limited to steinberg plugs and a very few others ( fabfilter )

about scenario > lots of short fx send i draw with the mouse, some gain adjustement ( not volume fader ) between plugins… in fact i worked so long without something else than midi controler which is not precise enought, that i get use to do most automation by drawing points with the mouse… exept for orchestra controllers writing

3/ Pre-post buttons. I still can’t tell them apart
Same !!

About 1, i won’t personnaly describe this as a “quirck”, it is usefull to have this option in my workflow. i’m really in a 50/50 ratio whever i click yes or no.
the thing is, if we click no ( continue), it would be cool to have an additional option cut the notes where they exeed the boundary

5 > “the tracks are not in sync”… Ugh! same !

and 100% with you with the poor user manual / feature “show-off”

What about splitting a MIDI event and the note disappearing - does that annoy anyone like it does me?


I never understood why it’s this way, is there some utility to it being this way that I don’t understand? It seems to have no practical use?