5 silly quirks about Cubase that have annoyed you for years

Funny testament to how different people use different areas of the software more but your niggles on the Poll dont bother me so much. The one LoveGames points out about cutting a midi part and losing a note that is early on the barline is more of a daily irk!

  1. Crappy key command focus management between main windows ever since the mixconsole was added.
  2. Any kind of crash results in lost mapping to my audio interface channels. This includes any presets I created.

Shouldn’t be the case with the crashing and audio interface channels… wonder why

have you created input/output presets that are baked into your templates?

yes, my presets are part of the templates. After a crash the labels are still there, but the audio channel assignments are gone. I’ve reported this for years.

Interesting, I’ve maybe had this happen once or twice, but not in a very long time.

Have you had different interfaces over the years and still had the problem?

I’ve had Aurora interfaces for a long time. I have a few 24 channel configurations depending on what I’m doing. So, it’s kind of PITA when it happens. I’ve had it happen with other interfaces as well though.

Have you tried making a backup of the /XMLs to just copy replace them when it does happen?


and also, the connections don’t come back when you reselect the preset?

Yes, I’ve tried using backups of the xml files. And my presets remain, however the interface references/channels are gone.

Weird, macOS or Windows?

I think the only time I’ve had this happen recently, is when I accidentally opened up Cubase 10 and 10.5 at the same time.

It’s possible something maybe the OS is stealing the connections during the crash

+1 for the pre/post buttons. There has to be a better way!

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That is also really annoying yes!

I hope I’m not the only one complaining about not having a triplet grid when working with audio-warp.


The random overload spikes that occur while you VST connect as a session… OMG

I would report this as an issue in your own thread, maybe someone can resolve it?

This has definitely been talked about a lot. I think someone posted a workaround somewhere, where you use a guide track.

Here’s a quirk that drives me nuts: Cubase doesn’t store the Quantize setting you used on a Project with the Project.


what about dragging Audio events to a new track and not having the name duplicate?

I’m - pretty - sure Cubase at one point did copy the track name to the new track and at some point stopped doing so, but I could be wrong on that.



Yep, groove settings should be saved locally not globally, that’s a weird one!

Well there is also the fact that if you import 3 audio tracks (even in the actual pedantic workflow) by creating a new empty track (so your currently selected one will not be overwritten) and your files are
Potato.wav, Tomato.Wav, Carrot.Wav

your end result will still be
Audio 01

so you ALWAYS end up by having to rename something (well or ask your intern to do that).

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