5k Monitor support - enlarged GUI elements

Hi Guys,

Quite a selfish request, but also one which over the coming years will become more and more important, as we move to larger displays.
I’ve got an iMac 5k which has a spectacular display, and can switch to the insane res of 5120x2880.
There is a great amount of space available for the project window which allows multiple editors to be open and still see the entire session.

The downside is that text becomes very small.

So I’m hoping that SB can move to a (GPU-accelerated) scale-able GUI in which elements can be resized or enlarged - much like Studio One’s, but without the minimal design element that makes it so hard to look at and differentiate things.


I just posted a request that’s almost identical to yours. When I saw this, I deleted my post and instead, I’m seconding your post!

With 27" and 30" monitors, sometimes having multiple of those, it’s getting harder and harder seeing and especially reading those small fonts on screen. And even more so when you don’t have eagle eye vision (with the years, vision gets worse, I’m afraid).

You have to place big monitors at some distance, but then, the small default fonts are barely readable. Especially now with retina 5K iMacs, those non-retina fonts are extremely blurry and even harder to read. Not to mention the usability impact of super small click targets. It takes a long time to position the mouse over tiny texts or buttons.

In Nuendo, all infos in the

  • Toolbar
  • Status Line
  • Ruler
  • Inspector
  • Media Bay
  • Numbers on the side of meters in the mixer
  • Preferences dialog (is this font size 6?)!!
  • and so on and so forth

… are really small and barely readable. It would be nice if there was an update to the UI coming that would take care of font size and make it readable again. And it would be nice if Nuendo would get a retina treatment on Mac to make all the UI sharp again.


Wow 5K, I’m feeling a whole lot of lag behind and before me :slight_smile:

Hey mroekalea

Yeah, 5K is not very common yet, but I had a 27" iMac normal resolution before and I think 27" monitors in studios are not uncommon. And there too, Nuendo was just too small to read. On a super crisp 5K monitor it’s just even more apparent. So the problem is there, 5K or not.

But 4K and 5K monitors are coming more and more now and all newer graphics cards support multiple of them.

add me to the list!

Ok thanks, I was wondering how small the menu items were and readable for that matter.

+1 to this.
Its getting hard to read the fonts even in things like the marker list if your more than a foot or so away. Yikes.

I would like to generalize this problem to two separate problems:

  1. Full hires monitors support (sometimes menus and some things are very “pixeled” on my Retina display on Mac) when you look on monitor for 10 hours it very unpleasant.
  2. Optional GUI scalability (at least some scales - 1x, 1.5x, 2x) - when you on any kind of large monitor (27 in my case) some effects are unusable because they are so small and menus as well. I thing that many current stock plugins has so simple interface (which is not bad thing) that might be easy to make them scalable. Things is a lot worse when you trying to use large monitor and you are far away monitor (for example console, creating effects, having instruments around you etc.)

U-he plugins or Fabfilter has nice examples (and different) how to do it right.

I think the real problem is all the gadget stylish solutions like GUI scaling etc etc.

The only real solution is that depending on the resolution the screen estate scaled to it, for example 4K on minimal 32 inch, 5K minimal screen real estate of 40 maybe 50 inch. I have 5K resolution horizontal vertical I have 1440p (see my specs), this is workable!

WOW, When will this be fixed? I have 4 monitors so like after each restart of my PC I have to rearrange my meters on all monitors! Yes, I save my workstation options to two different names. Even as the default. I just want this to work right…